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Parent’s Point of View #139: Effective Ways to Simplify Math Homework

Parent's Point of View #139: Effective Ways to Simplify Math Homework

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Dear math, grow up and start solving your problems!

This internet meme clearly expresses how much some students detest math.  These kids are not to blame since math homework can be quite tricky and complex. Some educators argue that math homework can be burdening or time-consuming, especially for parents who lack essential math skills. However, we cannot ignore the value of homework for students since it allows them to practice and review skills at home.

Here are some practical ways to help your child simplify math homework.

Eliminate Distractions

Stressed student during exam
Stressed student during exam

One of the greatest enemies of a good homework environment is distractions. Your child’s study area should have no distractions that may include television, tablets, or cell phones, among others. Research indicates that the mere presence of a phone in a child’s study area can highly distract them.  Research further suggests that even a three-second interruption can derail the task your child is working on and cause them to mess up. Explain to your child how important it is to eliminate distractions and interruptions when doing their math homework, among other assignments. Eliminating distractions improves your child’s concentration level and make it easier and quicker for them to complete homework.

Highlight Mistakes.

Your child can practice math successfully despite its complexity. Continuous math practice can help your child quickly identify mistakes that cause them to fail and rectify them. Remember, a minor mistake in math can ruin the entire math problem making it impossible to solve it by helping your child identify their math computation mistakes and constantly reminding them that it is okay to make mistakes. Some common mistakes students make in math include conceptual and computational errors and careless mistakes. You can also hire a qualified tutor to help them identify and deal with these mistakes.

Prioritize Tasks:

Most of the students prefer doing simple math tasks before attempting difficult ones.  However, researchers say that students who begin with complex questions first tend to score higher than their counterparts. In addition, starting math homework with easy tasks can decrease students’ productivity and energy and lower their motivation when handling more challenging questions.

Encourage Group Work:

Allowing your child to solve math problems with peers can be effective, especially when they are all committed to the task.  Cooperative learning can produce better results for the entire team, whether they are working together one-on-one or virtually.   Such a group can motivate your child to do math homework since they share ideas and tackle difficult questions as a team.


How Can I Make Math Homework Fun?

·         Sit with your child when they are doing their homework
·         Give them gifts and incentives for effort
·         Please give them a snack amid the homework
·         Provide a nice working area with all necessary working tools
·         Use Math Apps to make it more interesting
·         Turn math into a game
·         Give them frequent breaks amid homework sessions.

How Can I Help My Child Love Math?

• Play math games with them at home
• Use interesting math Apps to learn math
• Use math in real-life situations such as budgeting for groceries
• Use math teasers or do some fun investigations about math
• Speak positively about math and teach them the importance of math in their lives.
• Utilize number sense over memorization.

How Can I Help My Child Overcome Math Anxiety?

• Let them know that math anxiety is normal and they can overcome it.
• Talk about math frequently and apply them in your daily interactions
• Play puzzles, board games, and card games, among others, to understand math.
• Go beyond right and wrong answers to help your child understand math.

Learn more:

Why Does My Child Struggle With Math?

• It could be your child is suffering from math anxiety that causes them to freeze when handling math problems.
• Your child could be suffering from a learning disability such as Dyscalculia, ADHD, Dyslexia, or Dyspraxia.
• Your child could also e having some math learning gaps that hinder them from understanding new concepts.

Dear math, grow up and start solving your problems!

Final Thought:

If your child continues to struggle with math homework despite applying these helpful tips, it is time to hire a professional math tutor. Our math tutors at Kids on the Yard offer personalized programs to your child to improve their academic and cognitive skills.  We help them build confidence in math and overcome math frustration and anxiety.  We shall also engage your child in a fun way that will make math exciting and manageable.

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