Because life happens on the yard and in the classroom™
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Because life happens on the yard and in the classroom™
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Third Grade Tutoring

For Their Future, For Their Growth
Inspiring Personal Growth!

By the Third Grade, children have spent two years mastering reading and doing basic math computations. Then, in Third Grade, they can branch out in their studies and handle more complex material.

Skills Acquired During Third Grade

With every passing Grade, when a student has not developed the necessary reading, writing, and math skills, the work in 3rd Grade becomes more challenging, which can initially intimidate any eight-year-old. Kids on the Yard 3rd tutoring program is designed to support and close the essential learning gaps to ensure your 3rd Grade is successful in their academic life.

Third Grade isn’t just another year

This Grade is a significant time in your child’s education because it’s when students move forward from what’s called “lower grades” to the “upper grades.”   It is a meaningful time in your child’s academic journey as they become more independent and mature learners.

Kids on the Yard State Certified Teachers prepare customized lessons for their students based on their academic and emotional intelligence growth. We work alongside school curriculum and state standards to ensure their educational development is aligned with their classroom.

All our tutors have in-classroom experience and have worked with students with varying abilities and learning styles throughout their careers.