Because life happens on the yard and in the classroom™
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Because life happens on the yard and in the classroom™
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Fourth Grade Tutoring

For Their Future, For Their Growth
Inspiring Personal Growth!

There is a faster pace for teaching in the Fourth Grade, which will be exciting and challenging for a child ready to meet Fourth Grade Demands. It’s not unusual for social studies, math, reading, and science lessons to be taught in 30- to 45-minute blocks. In addition, your child’s teacher will likely teach “across the curriculum,” using reading, writing, and math to enhance lessons in other academic subjects. Fourth Graders will be learning gaps in reading and writing will find it difficult to maintain learning at a faster pace and high demands of their academic skills to date.

Kids on the Yard State Certified Teachers prepare customized lessons for their students based on their academic and emotional intelligence growth. We work alongside school curriculum and state standards to ensure their educational development is aligned with their classroom.

Fourth Grade is a year of change for your energetic nine-year-old. They are full of opinions and sometimes even an attitude. Overall, schoolwork is more challenging, as their teachers will begin to prepare them to transition to middle school. In 4th Grade, an essential part of their academic growth will be for your child to hone their organizational skills necessary to stay on top of their increasing workload.

Fourth Grade Tutoring Program

Our team of expert grade 4 tutors has specific indicators kept in mind while tutoring your 4th grader to achieve this big transition year with the utmost ease.

Fourth Grade Academics Kick

By fourth Grade, academics have kicked into high gear, and subjects have become more sophisticated. Fourth graders are more responsible and beginning to think critically.