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Because life happens on the yard and in the classroom™

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What to Expect with Personalized Tutoring

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Step 1: Build Trust

Your child is Unique. Don’t settle for a “one size fits all” approach.

Building bridges to our learners by building rapport FIRST! When a child, and us adults, feel genuine support from an Educator, all things are possible!

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Step 2: Assessment

Our Tutors are guided and mentored by Senior Educators.

We evaluate your child’s academic strengths, areas of needed growth, beliefs around their learning abilities, and interests so we know exactly how to guide their academic progress.

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Step 3: Plan

Progress Reports: After each session, your tutor recaps and sends a brief session progress report to their assigned Senior Educator to review the child’s progress. Our expert educators evaluate, plan and adjust the program with the teacher based on your child’s personalized academic progress. Parents receive monthly updates of their child’s progression with their tutor.

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Step 4: Teach

We are an employee-based company, including our Tutors, that are guided and mentored by Senior Educators.

We do not use 3rd party contractors as Tutors, but instead, they are mentored and directed to be the best Educator for your child.

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Step 5: Apply

Classroom progress: Results outside of the one-on-one session are necessary, and we’re happy to engage with your child’s in-class teacher as a partnership to what they are doing in the classroom.

Our expert team will follow up and engage every few weeks with our parents to translate school results.

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Selecting the right tutor for your child can feel like a guessing game for most families.

From spelling to word recognition, grammar, sentence structures, and paragraph writing

Preschool and Primary school our English tutors guide your child and develop a strong foundation in the basic principles of English. With a strong grasp of the basic principles in place, students can build their skills, improving their comprehension and fluency.

The more comfortable students are with English basics, the more they will be able to succeed in later grades.

Check our English as second language programs with certifying state teachers and educators, at your home in person or online.

With proper high school English help, students learn how to compile research and express themselves through creative writing. They also learn how to critically analyze readings and formulate ideas into essays and reports, preparing your teen for success in postsecondary and beyond.