Because life happens on the yard and in the classroom™
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Because life happens on the yard and in the classroom™
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Pre Kindergarten (Pre-K) Tutoring

For Their Future, For Their Growth
Inspiring Personal Growth!

The Pre-Kindergarten tutoring program provides children with the skills that are necessary for elementary school such as reading, writing, and math. Children learn and develop with their tutors and teachers how to problem-solve, become responsive listeners, use language to learn, alongside social and collaborative skills through formal academics and play-based learning. Our skill-building tutoring sessions, grow your child’s letter recognition and sound awareness for reading, learn math sense, practice letter writing thus developing a curiosity for a deeper understanding of their world.

Our Pre-K tutoring sessions feature 5 key learning skills alongside the Common Core Standard in your State.

This will expand your child’s academic growth and improve their understanding of essential concepts, and learn how to explore the wonderful world around them. Kids on the Yard State Certified Teachers prepare customized lessons for their students based on their academic and emotional intelligence growth. We work alongside school curriculum and state standards to ensure their educational development is aligned with their classroom. All our tutors have in-classroom experience and have worked with students with varying abilities and learning styles throughout their careers.