Our Story

This beautiful world was created for children to desire, seek, create, make, pursue, and be heroes while experiencing a continuous journey to fulfillment, including the child that still lives inside of us all.
As a child and family mental health advocate, bonding families through the ever-changing waves of joys, hope, fears, love, upsets, dreams, and laughter, is a blessing. Grateful to be a tiny part of all that is good and having life experiences that can now be of services of care for others is truly a gift from above.
The source of all Good or for us G-d explains that there are no greater blessings than those who teach children, and we are all G-d’s children. Your heart is our heart.
Multi-Generation Family Sitting On Sofa At Home Reading Book With Baby Granddaughters


We believe families, like life, can evolve over a cycle of time into a dream of fulfillment. We at Kids on the Yard believe children, parents, communities, educators, kid life coaches, professionals, and tutors, are a team. That together, we can create a world where the essence of every child and family is seen and honored. Children learn resilience tools, purposeful desires, empathy, and self-worth alongside academics to empower the 21st child and parent.

Why we focus on primaries years for tutoring?

Like any first impression, they last and are imprinted, starting the foundation and creating our future experiences. The primary years are the golden years of your child’s education. Young children are often brimming with curiosity and natural learners. Still, if confidence is knocked out, it can be challenging to get your child to look forward to enjoying school or homework. We understand the importance of adapting to each child’s needs and personality, all the while working to achieve tangible results.
We partner with your child’s educator, and the parents, to create the best well-rounded experience for the child’s tutoring support. One of the many advantages of home tutoring is that children benefit enormously from having their one-to-one tutor. At the primary level, school teachers often teach large classes, and so problems with comprehension can be missed. With one-to-one online private tuition, students learn at their own pace, from the comfort of their home, without the distraction of a busy classroom.

Like any good foundation once created, standing on it lasts a lifetime.

Is Kids Life Coaching a viable solution?

Evidence that childhood is in crisis appears to be everywhere. It has been undisputedly proven in multiple research studies, that most lifetime mental illness begins in childhood. Find out why every child deserves to have their own Kids Life Coach based on research and proven evidence.


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