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Kids on the Yard is dedicated to providing the highest quality online/in-person tutoring in Math, Science, and English, and Standardized Test Prep for for Pre-K through 5th Grade. Using the latest technology for students worldwide. We love hearing from students, parents, teachers, and school administrators, so please feel free to contact us for any reason.

TALK TO A ACADEMIC MENTOR (For Students and Parents)

Our academic mentors are available to:

  • Help tutors plan tutoring sessions that are consistent with the student’s abilities and interests.
  • Monitor progress toward the student’s educational goals by interacting with our expert tutors to ensure that academic goals are being achieved.
  • Consult with subject tutors daily to have up-to-date information about student’s progress.
  • Make sure that tutors are meeting parental expectations and academic objectives.


Your feedback will help us achieve our goal of revolutionizing the online tutoring world, making one-on-one personalized tutoring and Test Prep fun and affordable to all.

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