Whatever you need this school year, we can help. Affordable in-person & online options

21st-century Whole Child Approach Tutoring in-person and online

Tutoring for their future, tutoring for their growth

Whatever you need this school year, we can help. Affordable in-person & online options. Call us and our and learn how to prepare your child for year 2021/2022

Did You Know?

Children reading below grade level by the third grade are almost four times more likely to drop out of high school than their on-leveled peers?

Here at Kids on the Yard, we cultivate a love for learning with the mindset of a 21st Century lifelong learners. A strong academic foundation is built, with skills that include critical thinking, problem-solving, research, creativity, perseverance, communication, leadership, teamwork, collaboration, Information Technology, global awareness, and personal well being.

Learning Solutions

We’re in this together! Tutor, educators, parents, our children, and students. Helping families recreate their village.

In-Person and Online Tutoring

Our elementary-school tutors understand the very nature of learning is to equip our elementary school students with resiliency when challenged in school. This instills life-long skills to be able to thrive in any academic circumstances. Elementary school tutoring is designed to develop a strong student learning foundation while gaining confidence in their abilities with school skills.

  • 1-on-1 Tutoring
  • Pre-K to 12th grade in ALL subjects
  • Homeschool Teacher
  •  Supplement Support with Distance Learning
  • ZOOM facilitator

Learning Pods / Distance Learning Support

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There’s More Than One Kind of Pod

  • Small group learning PODs
  • Supplement Support with Distance Learning
  • Group facilitators
Whatever you need this school year, we can help. Affordable in-person & online options. Call us and our and learn how to prepare your child for year 2021/2022

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Coaching

It takes a village…

We honor the Whole Child Approach with Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) coaching that inspires a growth mindset, both in and out of the classroom.

Learning 21st-century skills goes beyond the classroom for today’s child.

The overall definition, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.


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All children are genuine fulfillment seekers with ever-growing and ever-evolving their desires by learning that life is a continual journey of self-discovery through their passions. When challenges occur, learning how never to lose that sense of fulfillment seeking and understanding their strength and resiliency are essential for their life journey. We guide adults to rediscover their passions or take their passions to the next level!

The Five Pillars for a Growth Mindset​

(and Adults too!)


4 pillars zeal

We redefine the meaning of responsibilities in a child's life like a superhero. Children develop the desire to take on their responsibilities with enthusiasm, joy, and excitement by understanding that having responsibilities is an extension of themselves. They also learn that responsibilities include like any superhero, that sharing is caring, and expressing that starts with ourselves, our families, our communities, and the world around us. Children also learn that appreciation plays a significant role in having responsibilities. We guide adults to develop a newfound joy and excitement for present-day responsibilities and future ones.


4 pillars happiness

We have a tiny, silent, but a wondrously impactful voice inside that guides us is life. It's a gift to all of humanity from birth. Developing a keen sense to hear that voice takes practice and learning to make choices from that impactful voice. Our choices have a rippling outcome in multiple directions of a cause and effect that far reaches beyond what we see with our five senses. We guide adults to reflect on their choice-making system.


4 pillars inspiration1

Children are born optimistic thinkers at the core internal level. However, when challenges occur, it can create a space for a child’s experiences to be pushed back and their desires —learning how to become an “Optimistic Thinker” means to understand challenges that are not happening to them but rather for their personal growth. We guide adults to develop their version of an “Optimistic Thinker.”


4 pillars motivation

Knowing we are designed to live a life of purpose and express the GLOWS we have inside. Every child learns that we all have our unique GLOWS. Our individuality was created by design to add to the collective global bucket of GLOWS, our comminutes, our families, and ourselves. By having the conscious thought, we are moving forward every day with the understanding that there's a purpose and to pursue that purpose is an essential internal strength which brings joy even when life doesn’t feel like a “win, win” kinda day, week, months or year. We guide adults to rediscover their purpose.

What people say?

I had the best experience with them. Sarah was very professional, really listened to my needs and matched me with awesome candidates. You could tell she really cared about finding my kids the right person. I will definitely be back to use their help again in the future!
Mrs. Sarah worked with my son on Kindergarten prep. He had a lot of trouble focusing on line and she was so good with him, getting him to focus. He really got a lot done with her. He started kindergarten with a better understanding of what was expected of him. He still ask for Mrs. Sarah all the time.
Sarah Katrina worked with us in many growth sessions. She is brilliant and more importantly, a high soul filled with awareness and consciousness.
I have known Sarah Katrina over 15 years and as a Professor in the Graduate Teacher Education Program at Nova Southeastern University and Professor in Behavioral Sciences at Broward College, Sarah Katrina has guest lectured in many of my classes teaching SEL tools!! The college students loved her and found her engaging, motivating, and innovative! I am sure that Sarah Katrina will be successful in anything she does!!!!

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