Reading Programs

Reading is a necessary skill for our elementary students not just to thrive in life but develop their overall learning and knowledge throughout their elementary school years. Strong reading skills provide an essential building block for learning. During the early primary years, your child will graduate from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.”
Reading struggles have a broad impact from acute stress at homework time, to lower self-esteem, insecurities to participate in class, group discussion, project-based project learning activities, and independent work.
Reading tutorings teach your child how to sound out unknown words, develop strong vocabulary, and master spelling. In later elementary grades years, tutors will assist your child with word meaning, critical thinking skills, reading comprehension, and forming opinions about a story.
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Fostering the joy of reading

We’re here for your child at any stage, whether they are just learning how to read and struggling with necessary skills, or your child is a keen reader, and you want to continue to build their skills.
With our intensive reading tutoring, equip your child with skills to reading and get back on track, all while developing a sense of confidence and self-esteem with their reading. These skills are building blocks for achievements in the classroom, during homework time and far beyond.
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Tutoring and focus Subjects

Spelling and Vocabulary

Our experienced tutors focus on how words are spelled and pronounced and then focus on the meaning of the words by using them in context.

Phonics and Reading

Our experienced reading tutors will begin with teaching phonics, necessary reading skills, vocabulary, and spelling.

Reading Comprehension

Our experienced tutors will develop reading comprehension skills in their students to understand and interpret what they have read, decode what they read, make connections between what they read and what they already know, and think deeply about what they have read.

Critical thinking:

Our experienced tutors seek out imaginative ways to include critical thinking skills by encouraging their students to ask questions, promote decision-making, encourage partner work in classroom discussions, and learn from others' different viewpoints.