Because life happens on the yard and in the classroom™
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Because life happens on the yard and in the classroom™

How Much Does Kids on the Yard Cost?

$48-$150 Per hour

After your initial assessment fee of $110-$200, personalized academic tutoring at Kids on the Yard the costs around:

  • $48-75 per hour for an online session.
  • $48-150 per hour for in-person.

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Kids on the Yard pricing

Last updated: 2, May 2021 

Millions of parents, guardians, and students ask how much an academic teacher, academic coach, academic advisor, tutor, and teacher cost. We compile countless cost, prices, and estimates from local teachers and tutors, and then we share those prices with you.

Kids on the Yard In-Person Tutoring programs can fit into your budget!

Honestly…There are many different tutoring services to choose from with fantastic tutors and teachers on hand and ready to assist your child with their educational journey.

We believe an educator’s heart is one in a million, so when we hand-pick ours, OUR NUMBER priority alongside their professional background is their personal beliefs when working with children. If that aligns with our philosophies and their professional experiences are needed, they become part of Kids on the Yard’s team. Rest assured, we’re partnering with the best!

We have tutoring programs for every budget and offer flexible monthly options and payment plans to get the personalized learning your child.

Transparency is key to any relationship

Regardless, pricing is something that parents are concerned with when dealing with their child’s tutoring needs.

After the students take their specialized assessment, payment is discussed, keeping in mind the budget as well as the duration the student will need tutoring services for.

Service rates may vary per location and may change based on teacher availability, time of the day, and other factors, but the average costs associated with personalized tutoring Pre-K to 5th grade.

With the average number of hours for personalized tutoring at 150–200 hours, parents may need to finance a portion of the tutoring cost.

At Kids on the Yard, there are several payment options as well as special financing available to make sure that the students get the attention they need, and parents feel comfortable knowing that tutoring can be affordable and accessible to their family.

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When does a child need a tutor?

A classroom environment for some children can be challenging. Teachers as a singular individual may not always be able to give a struggling child the time and attention needed to understand new materials, and this is where a tutor becomes an incredible support system for parents and children.

Does your child need tutoring?

There are several things for parents to look out for regarding their child’s academic success. Children often cannot articulate when they need help with specific subjects like math, reading, and English, especially in their younger years in school like Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade.

Is your child lacking an understanding of nightly homework and new concepts taught in class?

If your child often expresses confusion and frustration with nightly homework, that could be an indicator, they did not understand what was taught in school that week. Their inability to understand what they are learning could potentially create learning gaps and wholes in new concepts taught in school.

Is your child showing embarrassments when asking for help?

If you find your child embarrassed to ask for help from teachers, peers, and parents often, it’s possibly a fear of showing they do not understand the material taught in a group setting like a classroom. Essential questions for your child’s primary teacher are about their comfort level when sharing in class, and if there’s hesitation most often, your child’s teacher will know if it’s because of a lack of understanding lessons.

Is your child showing any lack of self-confidence?

Words like, I’m not smart enough, I’m stup*d, I h*te school, how come everyone can do it but me are verbal expressions of a growing lack of self-esteem which can take a toll on a child. Trained tutors recognize where a child is struggling most and figure out how best to help him/her improve with their academics.

Everyday Parental Responsibilities

Parents desire to be there and support their child as much as possible is warranted, but work schedules, home life, etc. make it almost impossible to do, or maybe you don’t remember 5th Grade math and science anymore.

Lastly, in conclusion:

Tutors have specific areas of expertise, which can be very beneficial when giving their time and attention to students who need it most. Tutors make it possible for students to excel, even if they have special needs, and most parents will find that seeking out a tutor is an essential part of their child’s academic success.

Is Kids on the Yard, the right fit for my child?

Great choice, here a list of things you might want to keep in mind before you make a final decision:

  • Is the tutor, the teacher, is a certified teacher at the state, you ask?
  • Is the teacher have an SEL language and skills to support your child’s emotional needs?
  • If costs seem competitive with other learning centers’ prices, compare results on various review sites?
  • Ensure that all costs are discussed upfront (including assessment charges), so there won’t be any surprises before committing to a full tutoring program.

Finding the right tutor for your children should include a thorough vetting process whether you choose a private tutor or a specific company so they can achieve the best results possible.