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Making SAT/ACT Prep Simpler With Kids on the Yard

Making SAT/Act Prep Simpler With Kids on the Yard

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Are you feeling lost, not knowing how to assist your child in effectively preparing for the SAT or ACT? I understand your plight since SAT or ACT prep requires proper preparation and the best possible study partner. Most parents panic when their children sit for SAT/ACT due to their limitations in handling that exam level. Sarah Katrina, the Founder of Kids on the Yard and Educational Team, is committed to seeing your child thrive in their educational journey and life. A team of lifelong educators, and our test experts, are determined to skill every kid to excel in all tests.

The center philosophy at Kids on the Yard is to care. Our tutors and coaches are well-trained to ensure that every child gets a platform to excel. We believe that every child can succeed, especially when given the necessary support by their parents and educators. Our teacher support group consists of excellent tutors who are also test experts. In addition, we develop an individual-based approach to assist students in preparing for tests. Besides the one-on-one sessions and well-formulated test preparation courses, we also have some secrets of making your child’s SAT/ACT prep simpler.

SECRET 1: SAT/ACT Tutoring Program

Parents are often very concerned when they find their child is struggling to study on their own SAT/ACT Tests. It is typical for teens to find it challenging to stay focused and motivated with high-content material to tackle independently. This experience increases if there are learning gaps for the teen as well. Kids on the Yard has tutoring programs designed to support teens with study material and test prep. Having an instructor by your child’s side when studying for SAT/ACT will help them understand challenging areas of study. Our tutors focus on precisely what your child requires to excel and work at the student’s pace.

SECRET 2: Start Early

Who wouldn’t want all-time in the world to prepare for a test and not find your teen rushing at the last minute to study for something as significant as SAT/ACT Test? High school years are busy with projects, homework, weekly tests, and many school activities, and finding ways to prioritize it all, including SAT/ACT Study, can be overwhelming. Carving out specific time out will help your child create a space in their busy High School lives for their SAT/ACT preparation. Help your teen select a realistic exam date about two to three months ahead, allowing enough time for preparation.

Studies show that starting early will give your child enough time to recognize areas of study that require extra support and reinforce established skills. This gauge will prevent cramming and create a more meaningful study experience with tutors like ours at, Kids on the Yard. With time, our tutoring program will tackle study challenges, which will ease the anxiety of such preparations. Our tutoring program will also build the necessary confidence to handle the test-taking process, thus leaning towards more outstanding results.

SECRET 3: Take the Practice Test

Practice makes perfect! According to Aristotle, excellence or success is not an art but a practiced routine. One of the best ways to excel in SAT/ACT is by taking a full-length practice test. A practice test follows similar timing parameters experienced in actual exams, giving students a picture of what to expect in the actual test. Taking a practice test will also familiarize your child with not just the structure of the test but also its timing. Contact us for more information on accessing the SAT/ACT practice test.

SECRET 4: Paying Attention in Class

Since 2016, SAT and CTA have been modified to link directly with what is taught in class. Whether your child is in a public school or is homeschooling, please encourage them to pay attention to their teachers and everything taught in class. If your child is experiencing any learning gaps, do not hesitate to contact us since we have excellent programs to help your child bridge those gaps.

SECRET 5: Avoid Anxiety

It can be quite a big deal preparing for a big test such as SAT or ACT; especially it is the primary determinant of getting into your family’s preferred college. Your teen can nevertheless avoid anxiety by preparing in advance and having enough rest before the exam. Ensure that they know where the test will take place and understand all the exam center rules. Arrange all allowed supplies needed for the exam a day ahead of the exam and ensure they have had a well-rested night. Also, ensure that your child does not read overnight before the test to avoid confusion, generating stress and anxiety.

Final Thought:

A great support system for life’s giant steps creates a world of difference. Kids on the Yard SAT/ACT Tutoring Program provides solid skills both academically and Social-Emotional for the big day. Our Educational Team will design a path that best supports your teen’s specific learning support solutions. We are determined to bring out the best in your child through our innovative, personalized, and 21st-Century approach.

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