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Many online resources can offer your child free tutoring services. Most of these platforms provide homework help but may also pair your child with a tutor for free sessions. Below are some of the free tutoring resources you may want to consider.

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Public Libraries

Most public libraries partner with various tutoring services to offer your child test preparation, online tutoring, homework help, and career advice for free to library members. Check out your local library website to find out if they offer any free tutoring programs.

School Districts

A majority of the school districts offer free online tutoring services in some subjects to learners within their district.  Some individual schools also have free learning programs for their students.  Visit your school website or district to find out if they offer any tutoring programs for free.

Non-Profit Organizations

  • Different districts have different non-profit organizations that offer free online tutoring services to local students. Find out if there are such services in your district.
  • Some National non-profit groups such as Tutoring America offer scholarships and funds for students who need private tutoring assistance but don’t have financial resources.


  • Programs such as ClassWallet assist students in obtaining funding to pay for private tutoring services.
  • Some states also provide vouchers to assist needy students in meeting tutoring expenses.

Is Kids on the Yard a Free Tutoring Company?

While we don’t offer our services entirely for free, we can assure you of unbeatable affordable hourly rates!
We work with a flexible subscription system for the busy 21st Century family and offer unbeatable rates for the quality of happy educators we provide our families.

What Type of Tutoring Services Does Kids on the Yard Offer?

We offer personalized tutoring services perfect for kids who are struggling with scores and confidence and have slipped behind. We believe that successful Tutors build strong, personal relationships with their students and their families. Our Teachers are HAND-PICKED by our Education Team, providing support each step of the way.

Parting Shot:

As a parent, you want the best, and we can help! As Educators, we know children. We approach the Whole child when there are academic struggles—building rapport, confidence-boosting, and mastering academic skills not just to survive school but thrive as learners are our results.

We use the Kids on the Yard Whole Child Approach in our tutoring sessions.

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Kids in the yard
Kids in the yard

It only takes a moment to find out more details by meeting one of our Educational

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