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Parent’s Point of View #102: How to Help My Struggling 2nd Grader

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Once learners get to the 2nd grade, they begin to improve their learning since they are more familiar with the school environment. Children at this level also grow their reading, math, and writing skills. Unfortunately, some of them struggle with reading comprehension, writing, and math issues. So many parents are concerned about their second-grade children’s struggles, and they have sent us numerous questions concerning the same.

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How long should my second grader practice reading per day?

Concern parent, OR

Is my second grader a ‘late’ reader?

Concern parent, NY

“How can I help my second grader with math?”

Concern parent, FL

“How can I help my second grader to build math confidence?”

Concern parent, TX

“How can I improve my second grader’s reading comprehension?”

Concern parent, AZ

What writing skills should my second grader have?

Concern parent, CA

After going through numerous questions from second-grader parents, our educational team collected the top 12 questions on Reading, Writing, and Math struggles and provided effective answers.

Is my second grader a “late” reader?

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A combination of many learning factors in the second grade could cause a reading hurdle in your child. It can be harder if your child lacks fluency and sounding skills. Feelings of being overwhelmed can further cause them frustration and anxiety, making them seem like late readers. Fortunately, providing them with the right support and increasing their reading practice can help them to catch up with others.

How long should my second grader practice reading per day?

Besides practicing in school, a struggling reader should also practice at home. Encourage your child to read for about 20 minutes per day. If they are disoriented, encourage the entire family to engage in the reading practice. This way, reading will be more fun than a chore or punishment.

What reading skills should my second grader have?

A second-grader should easily understand a story and the main idea in the story. Should summarize the main idea in the story and omit unnecessary content. A second-grader should also relate the story to real life. They should read about 80 words per minute by the end of the second-grade level. Should recognize about 90% of words in a story and should read varying texts.

How can I improve my second grader’s reading comprehension?

Please encourage them to read aloud regularly. Encourage your child to reread a story to gain fluency and comprehension. Discuss what they are reading to improve their understanding. Ask questions after the end of the reading. Supplement what they are reading in class by getting books with similar topics. Work closely with the teacher and raise any concerns with them.

How can I help my second grader with writing?

Let them know that we write for a reason. You can, for instance, write in their presence and explain to them to whom you are writing and why. Encourage them to write letters or stories about family or things they like. Concentrate more on their content than on their handwriting and spelling. If you suspect they have a learning disability ask for help from their teacher and pediatrician. Encourage them to take notes when they go out and later to read their stories aloud. Be a good audience and genuinely praise them.

My second-grader hates writing. How can I make writing fun for him?

Give them writing freedom without dwelling too much on their mistakes. Please provide them with writing materials and a good working space. Encourage them to write for a purpose and praise them for their creativity. Treat them as ‘authors’ and their work as real books. Compile their work into a book and store them with other books. Importantly, be a good audience for their work.

What are some signs of dysgraphia among second graders?

You may notice a visual perception breakdown when your child writes. For example, they may not successfully align their work on the left margin. Secondly, the child may have problems spacing letters and words and mixing upper and lower cases inappropriately. You could also notice that they can’t write complete sentences but can verbally formulate them.

How do I help my second grader solve word math problems?

Read the problem loudly, and circle the numbers for easier finding during the solving process. Identify and mark all keywords for a better understanding of the question. You can draw out the problem or use illustrations for further understanding of the problem.

How can I help my second grader understand math?

Use real-life objects and tools when doing the math to make it real. Secondly, Reward effort rather than ability or grades, and speak positively of math.  Use food portions such as pizza or fruits to demonstrate fractions.  Use the money to count and subtract. Use actual clocks to practice telling time. Lastly, play math games and read interesting books on the same.

How can I make my second grader enjoy math?

Be a good role model by doing math and enjoying them in their presence. Familiarize your child with math in real life. Please help your child with homework and use incentives to make it more fun. Help them deal with their fears and anxiety about math.

How can I help my second grader to build math confidence?

Please help them to get rid of math myths, such as math is complex. Create a love for math by speaking positively about it. Make math part of your daily life at home. Encourage making mistakes since it’s one way of learning. Provide enough space and time to practice math, Praise their effort and reward it.

Final Thought:

Your second-grade child is ready to accelerate their learning and is more familiar with the learning environment than first-graders. Unfortunately, learning struggles can pull them back and deter their performance. That is why at Kids on the Yard, we help accelerate their skills and prepare them for third-grade learning. Not only do we help your child overcome their learning struggles, but we also help them to apply knowledge learned in real life.

Our skill-building tutoring sessions will grow your 2nd grader’s reading comprehension, math, and writing skills. Contact us for more insights and information.

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