Because life happens on the yard and in the classroom™
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Because life happens on the yard and in the classroom™

Personalized Tutoring

Perfect for kids who are struggling with scores and confidence and have slipped behind.

We believe that successful Tutors build strong, personal relationships with their students and their families.

Our Teachers are HAND-PICKED by our Education Team, providing support each step of the way.

This year, spend less time searching for answers and more time with your kids.

What to expect With Personalized Tutoring

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Step 1: Build trust

Your child is Unique. Don’t settle for a “one size fits all” approach.

Building bridges to our learners by building rapport FIRST! When a child, and us adults, feel genuine support from an Educator, all things are possible!

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Step 2: Assess

Our Tutors are guided and mentored by Senior Educators.

We evaluate your child’s academic strengths, areas of needed growth, beliefs around their learning abilities, and interests so we know exactly how to guide their academic progress.

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Step 3: Plan

Progress Reports: After each session, your tutor recaps and sends a brief session progress report to their assigned Senior Educator to review the child’s progress. Our expert educators evaluate, plan and adjust the program with the teacher based on your child’s personalized academic progress. Parents receive monthly updates of their child’s progression with their tutor.

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Step 4: Teach

We are an employee-based company, including our Tutors, that are guided and mentored by Senior Educators.

We do not use 3rd party contractors as Tutors, but instead, they are mentored and directed to be the best Educator for your child.

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Step 5: Apply

Classroom progress: Results outside of the one-on-one session are necessary, and we’re happy to engage with your child’s in-class teacher as a partnership to what they are doing in the classroom.

Our expert team will follow up and engage every few weeks with our parents to translate school results.

Ready to help your child improve grades, tests scores, and confidence?

Learn more in a free 20-30 mins session with our educational team from pricing, learning support needs, perfect match, program, tutor In-Person, or tutor Online
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Few more points to consider

A private tutor can become a significant person in a struggling learner’s life. Data shows family can not just choose any private tutor or the cheapest one you have available for your child’s learning needs, but instead needs to select a private tutor or an institution providing tutoring services carefully. Why? The chances of wasting their time and money are high.

When research-based methods are used by educators to engaged students, and can increase their intrinsic motivation.

“Cheap” Tutoring Alternatives Does Not PROVIDE Effective Results for a struggling learner. 

Nowadays, online traditional tutoring platforms can be found in many corners of the globe. If you are considering them, you may want to drop your searches.

Research shows that traditional tutoring can help students boost their self-confidence levels, which can be highly beneficial.

A self-confident student is most likely to participate, engage in group discussions, answer whole class questions, and be less afraid of making mistakes by taking risks. Essential quality now and into their future.

Students need to establish a solid foundation to advance in any given subject by not doing so students may result in falling behind in the future.

In a general large classroom setting, students have different learning styles and speeds. They do not process information at the same rate or speed of understanding. Some students grasp concepts more quickly than others and others will not entirely do it by the time the class moves on to a new idea.

Studies have found that allowing ample time to process information sets up more significant results. How long each student needs will vary. Therefore, the tutor needs to know their tutee and their learning style and requirements for this to occur.

Studies have found that tutors who coordinate tutoring sessions with the curriculum taught at school support student’s progress. By providing additional, hands-on practice that helps reinforce school materials and make them more applicable and relatable.

Recreating the classroom experience one session at a time for each of our students. TEACHERS are superheroes, so we hire and work with teachers who align with our educational philosophies. Who knows better to help to struggle learner than a real-life Educator. It’s just what we do and more! 

Another essential factor for private tutoring to be successful is a positive relationship between the tutor and student. It has been found that Students have shown results of improvement if they can relate to their teacher.
This also means that working with the same tutor long-term is also beneficial for improved results. Remember, though, that this only refers to tutors who help your child and with whom your child has a good relationship. Don’t hesitate to change if your child complains about the tutor or you do not see any improvement.

A study concluded that frequency tutoring sessions, even if they are shorter, produce better results.

We work with a flexible subscription system for the busy 21st Century family and offer unbeatable rates for the quality of happy educators we provide our families.