Life Coaching for Kids and Beyond

Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.

Individual Child Life Coaching

With our Social Emotional Learning Whole Child approach, we set realistic and age-appropriate goals and discuss strategies that can help a child feel more empowered and successful in and out of the classroom. It is a space for kids to have essential and confidence-boosting conversations that creates a toolbox of internal resources and sets a foundation for total well-being into adulthood.
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Parent Life Coaching:

Parent coaching by design provides insights, helps parents discover newfound energy in their parenting, develops an appreciation for what they have and who they are, and creates sustainable ways to achieve their vision or dream for their family. Different than therapy, coaching allows us to become your cheerleader, guide, and mirror.


Sometimes the parent wants to rediscover themselves and remember they are an individual inside a whole. Other times it’s to be coached through a specific understanding of SEL and then apply that newfound knowledge to their own life goals or just self-improve.
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Whole Family Coaching

Whole Family Coaching is similar to parenting coaching for the 21st CEntury parent, and child. We use to Social Emotional Learning Whole Family collaborate approach to help create sustainable ways to achieve lasting last goals as a group.