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How to Study Without Getting Distracted: Tips from the Experts

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How to Study Without Getting Distracted: Tips from the Experts

As a parent, your greatest desire is to see your children succeed in school. You also understand that studying is a significant route to academic success. On the other hand, your children could be among the more substantial population of kids that prefer to do everything else but study. The deadly study-sin of procrastination seems to thrive today more than ever before due to the availability of many distractions that include social media, iPhone, video games, TV, Movie, hobbies, family and friends, and video streaming, among others. While distractions can be internal and external, experts say that internal distractions affect students’ study ability. In this article, we have gathered the best study tips for your children that will help them to minimize distractions.


Your children should know when a phone is helpful and when it is a distraction. They should also see the effect of a telephone on their productivity. For example, a phone can be very distracting during studying time. Having a phone on ringtone or vibration with all the beeping from calls, text messages, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and email can significantly reduce your child’s concentration. If the phone is on silent mode, ensure that it is far from the studying area. Let your child understand that they can only access the phone during their break times, after every 30 to 45 minutes. Your child should also turn off the internet from their computer unless used as a learning tool.


At Kids on the Yard, we believe that there is no fit-for-all form of education. Every student is unique and excels through the application of unique strategies. The same case occurs when it comes to making personal studies. Different children require different environments to study effectively. For example, not every student will want to study in a quiet environment. Some prefer listening to classical music or having some form of background noise. Others study best in a serene and silent place. Whatever works for your child, let him go for it!

As a parent, ensure that you discuss and understand your child’s preferences of study for success. Students who love destruction from music or movies ensure that it does not contain videos to avoid distraction. Let your child also understand that different homework requires different types of environments. For instance, some homework will require discussion with other people, while others will require the internet. You can use chrome extension blockers to prevent your child from getting distracted by social media platforms in such a case.


Taking regular breaks when studying is a vital strategy for reducing distraction because it helps your child overcome study fatigue. Besides that, taking regular breaks helps them to prevent brain log and remain focused. Regular breaks also help your child to remain refreshed and creative all through the period of study. Taking regular breaks will also help your child to remain motivated and to maintain your focus and attention.


Creating a timetable is crucial to reducing distraction since it helps prioritize study subjects and reduce distraction. Your child may not understand that good organization of study helps achieve the desired goals, increase productivity, and prepare for exams effectively. With a timetable, your child will increase progress, reduce chances of time mismanagement and have a long-term plan. A timetable also ensures that they effectively cover all the required subjects.


You can help your child reduce distraction while studying by making it fun. For example, you can give your child a snack after completing a task. Secondly, you can make study time fun by maintaining your cool and being engaging rather than angry. Complimenting your child for completing a task will help them to be focused more and less distracted. Finally, for younger kids, you can integrate songs and games during study time to reduce distraction.
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