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Why Teachers are the Best Tutors for your Child

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While private tutors and teachers aim to facilitate, encourage, and aid learning, there are distinct differences in their responsibilities and roles. Teachers play a significant role in your child’s education despite working in classrooms with up to 30 students. They are trained in instructional and pedagogy methods, making it easy to deliver content to a group of students. Tutors, on the other hand, support students’ learning in a flexible and personalized manner. They offer individualized attention to students in a way they cannot access in a regular classroom. As a result, tutors strengthen your child’s subject comprehension, help them build better learning skills, and boost their confidence.  

An individual trained as a teacher and with a teaching background makes the best tutor: Here is why:

Teachers have Good Communication Skills

Communication skills involve proper speaking and listening and the ability to read and write effectively. Good communication skills allow people to understand information quickly and accurately. Without it, there is frustrations and misunderstanding. Effective communication is essential for teachers who transmit education, manage the classroom and interact with students. Teachers develop excellent communication skills by training students with different characters and thinking approaches. A tutor can be genius in their areas of expertise, but if they lack good communication skills, their tutees will not benefit from the program. A tutor with a teaching background communicates quickly and effectively with students and understands their needs. They easily interact with students, staff, and teachers verbally and nonverbally.

Teachers are Adaptable

Teachers work in an evolving environment that requires them to adjust regularly based on their age, available resources, curriculum, requirements, and practices. They learn to adapt to changes since they want to benefit all their students despite their differences. Adaptability is also a vital skill in tutoring programs since needs and learning styles greatly vary. Adaptability and flexibility allow tutors to meet the needs of every tutee effectively. For example, a tutor with a teaching background will use different approaches for each student rather than applying the same teaching method to all students. They also smoothly work with different personalities and quickly identify areas in your child’s learning that need change.

Teachers are Patient

Have you ever heard that patience is a virtue? Indeed, it is a virtue that every tutor should possess. Teachers learn patience in their careers since they have to deal with students, parents, and colleagues daily. They also handle the same problems and questions day-in-day-out, yet they never give up on their students. Like in regular teaching, patience is vital in tutoring since tutors apply different paces and techniques and use other teaching methods for each student.  Tutors should be patient since most students enrolling in tutoring programs are struggling. Tutors with a Teaching background can patiently support your child and help them deal with their learning challenges better than tutors without such a background.

Teachers are Experts

Knowing a field is one thing; transferring the knowledge to others is a different thing. That is why you should consider hiring a teacher since they are knowledgeable and at the same time, know how to deliver information. Expertise comes from not just training but also gaining experience in the classroom. Most of the teachers improve their teaching knowledge through advancing their studies in colleges or regular workshops. Good tutors should have technical knowledge of the subjects they are teaching and have excellent delivery styles, making teachers the best candidates for the job.

Teachers are Empathetic

Empathy is the ability to sense the emotions or feelings of others. It involves imagining and understanding other people’s thoughts. It is applicable in teaching and tutoring since both fields seek to identify students’ weaknesses and find the best solution. With empathy, tutors effectively connect and work with students, regardless of the challenges involved. Teachers make great tutors since they understand that different learners have different paces of learning and experience varying problems. Besides understanding their students, teachers know how to bring students back to the track. Hiring an empathetic tutor causes your children to feel supported and understood, especially if they think and learn differently.  It also increases their self-motivation, and self-awareness and encourages them to work harder.

Last but not List:

At Kids on the Yard, we believe that successful tutors build strong, personal relationships with students and their family members.  Certified teachers pass through thorough training on the same. Hiring a teacher to tutor your child means that you will have hired a real professional. Contact us, and we shall connect you with our experienced and best-vetted tutors.

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