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Kids on the Yard, Math Tutoring Programs Tailored to Student Needs

We offer different math programs to any age, from Pre-K foundations to High-School and Adults.
If your child struggles with math and could use math help, we’re here to unlock the world of maths for your elementary student. When Elementary Math subjects become incredibly challenging, many students end up attempting to master the math concepts independently.

Build your child’s math skills from an early age

Math builds upon the previous idea, and if one math concept is unclear to a student, it isn’t easy to move forward to the next thought. It makes moving forward tricky with a weak foundation and facing more advanced math skills and subjects in the future.
Boy Smiling At Camera During Math Lesson

Understanding numbers is understanding the world!

Math tutoring is essential for students who require gaps in skills to be relearned or for students desiring to challenge themselves with more advanced problems and theories. Our students master the skills to get back on track and build confidence and self-esteem. And all of that leads to more significant success in the classroom, during homework time and in life.
Our experienced math tutors work with their students to develop foundational skills, a comprehensive understanding of math, and its relationship to real-world situations.

Tutoring and focus Subjects

Number Sense

Our experienced tutors will develop their student's abilities to understand, relate, and connect numbers. With a healthy number sense, children can think flexibly and fluently about numbers.

Problem Solving

Our experienced tutors include problem-solving skills in sessions with their students. Problem-solving strategies can help with subjects like math, reading, writing, and help them develop excellent social skills. Problem-solving teaches kids to stop and think before they act.

Critical thinking:

Our experienced tutors seek out imaginative ways to include critical thinking skills by encouraging their students to ask questions, promote decision-making, encourage partner work in classroom discussions, and learn from others' different viewpoints.


Our experienced tutors focus on two key areas to build a strong math foundation. First, we look to fill any gaps that need to be relearned. Second, we work to help your child learn and master new math concepts.