First Grade Online and In-Person Tutoring

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From Kindergarten to First Grade

Your child has just finished kindergarten and is now going to begin elementary schooling.
This transition, from learning through play to learning by studying and understanding symbols and concepts, is where children need the utmost attention.
Don’t worry we got your back; be it reading tutors for 1st grade, English tutor for grade 1, science tutoring or 1st grade math tutor.

Our team of State Certified Credentialed teachers and educators are there to help your child at every step of the transition journey.

Tutoring and focus Subjects

Phonics and Reading

Our experienced reading tutors will begin with teaching phonics, necessary reading skills, vocabulary, and spelling.


Our experienced writing tutors understand the power of writing. They foster within their students the abilities to organize their thoughts and build the skills needed to write clear and concise descriptions, narratives, and informative sentences and paragraphs

Spelling and Vocabulary

Our experienced tutors focus on how words are spelled and pronounced and then focus on the meaning of the words by using them in context.

Number Sense

Our experienced tutors will develop their student's abilities to understand, relate, and connect numbers. With a healthy number sense, children can think flexibly and fluently about numbers.

Reading Comprehension

Our experienced tutors will develop reading comprehension skills in their students to understand and interpret what they have read, decode what they read, make connections between what they read and what they already know, and think deeply about what they have read.

Problem Solving

Our experienced tutors include problem-solving skills in sessions with their students. Problem-solving strategies can help with subjects like math, reading, writing, and help them develop excellent social skills. Problem-solving teaches kids to stop and think before they act.

Critical thinking:

Our experienced tutors seek out imaginative ways to include critical thinking skills by encouraging their students to ask questions, promote decision-making, encourage partner work in classroom discussions, and learn from others' different viewpoints.


Our experienced tutors focus on two key areas to build a strong math foundation. First, we look to fill any gaps that need to be relearned. Second, we work to help your child learn and master new math concepts.

Eureka math

Eureka Math is a holistic PreK through 12 curriculum that carefully sequences mathematical progressions into expertly crafted modules, making math a joy to teach and learn. We provide in-depth professional development, learning materials, and a community of support.

Singapore math

In Singapore Math, multiplication is introduced in 1st grade, and children master the multiplication facts by the end of 2nd grade. If you're switching your child to Singapore Math. Our experienced teacher/tutors will help build their math education framework includes more than just basic facts. It encompasses attitudes toward math, metacognition (monitoring one's own learning), and processes just as much as skills and concepts.