Tutoring Online and In-Person

Online and In-Person

Foundation Areas

Strengthened and Developed

Phonics and Reading

Reading tutors will begin with teaching phonics, necessary reading skills, vocabulary, and spelling.


Writing tutors understand the power of writing. They foster within their students the abilities to organize their thoughts and build the skills.
Reading tutors will begin with teaching phonics, necessary reading skills, vocabulary, and spelling.

Spelling and Vocabulary

Focusing on how words are spelled and pronounced and then focus on the meaning of the words by using them in context.

Number Sense

Develop the student's abilities to understand, relate, and connect numbers. With a healthy number sense, children can think flexibly and fluently about numbers.

Reading Comprehension

Developing reading comprehension skills in their students to understand and interpret what they have read, decode what they read, make connections.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving strategies can help with subjects like math, reading, writing, and help them develop excellent social skills.

Critical Thinking

seek out imaginative ways to include critical thinking skills by asking questions, promote decision-making, encourage partner work in classroom discussions, and learn from others' different viewpoints.


Tutors focus on two key areas to build a strong math foundation. First, we look to fill any gaps that need to be relearned. Second, we work to help your child learn and master new math concepts.


We begin our customized tutoring process with a comprehensive academic evaluation to pinpoint a student’s overall strengths and weaknesses. Our evaluation will also reveal unique learning styles so our tutors know how to most effectively approach and communicate concepts to your student. We understand the importance of picking the right tutor to work with your elementary school-aged child. As a result, we have developed various techniques and skills necessary to help students increase their knowledge & understanding. We look forward to tutoring your elementary school child.
Our tutors are credentialed teachers and graduate professionals with many years of experience in and out of the classroom.

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All of our programs were designed to be affordable and accessible to everyone.



A unique program for Pre-K. Is your child ready for Pre-K reading, introducing the wonderful world of reading to your Pre-K child?


Kindergartners love discovering the world around them and how it works.

1st Grade

Your child has just finished kindergarten and is now going to begin elementary schooling.

2nd Grade

As your child enters Second Grade, there’s often a sense of pride....

3rd Grade

Children entering 3rd grade have either decided that school is AWESOME or...

4th Grade

As 4th grade begins their school year, your child also starts to build its foundation for...

5th Grade

The last lap of a child's elementary school years...., and wow what a journey...

What people say?

I have known Sarah Katrina for many years and I had the blessing to work with her while she was Global Ambassdor for a children’s non-profit that brings SEL tools to children all over the world. We had a fund rising event at our company, bringing awareness for this Non-porfit and her drive to assist us was amazing. This nonprofit gives tools for kids and parents to connect to their soul and their biggest potential. My family took her family classes and my son loved her program. Her passion to give and share is above and beyond. The knowledge of these SEL tools makes the difference in the process for kids to thrive through life challenges and for us as parenting to become passionate about learning SEL tools and growing through our kids.
Sofia my daughter and I met Miss Katrina back in 20016 and 2017 (when she was 6 to 8 years old). The way she interacted and guided the Midas along with the SFK program gave us an amazing opportunity to learn vital concepts to be applied in our day to day lives. The way Miss Katrina delivered the program was both formative and fun and above all, it really left us with lasting teachings and understandings on how to apply basic principles and values in the choices we make. As a mother, it gave me tools and conversation starters that I still today use with my daughter. I cannot say thank enough for your dedication and your passion to teach kids and parents, the world needs more people like you!