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Because life happens on the yard and in the classroom™

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Kids reading book in park

4th Grade Reading

The fourth-grader will read even longer chapter books and more nonfiction books and texts. Fourth-grade expectations: Apply more advanced reading comprehension strategies to understand text,

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Woman writing notes in notebook.

Middle School Writing

Middle Schooler enter into higher expectations to have mastered middle school ways to become effective high-schoolers. Your 8th graders will be expected to be independent

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teacher during quarantine. Serious man in glasses writes rules of english on white , online, in-person tutoring,school, homeschooling

English Tutoring

English is the most important topic students learn in school. It’s the foundation for all learning and is used in every subject (including other languages).

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3rd Grade SEL

The five competencies 1. Self–awareness: Accurately recognize one’s own emotions, thoughts, values, and how their behavior influences others. 2. Self-management: Successfully regulates one’s emotions, thoughts,

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Alphabet blocks ABC on wooden table. Text - Skills

Study Skills

As your child progresses in school, homework assignments get more challenging, and workloads get more prominent. We grow your child’s ability to take on these

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Studying with joy.

4th Grade Writing

Fourth Grade Writing Fourth-grade writing should tie in with fourth-grade reading. Now that your fourth grader is reading more nonfiction, they will also be writing

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