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How to Improve My 6th Grade Reading Comprehension

Parent’s Point of View #112:How to Improve My 6th Grade Reading Comprehension

Sixth grade is your child’s first year of middle school. The middle school journey may bring a lot of excitement, changes, and, unfortunately, challenges. The grade’s reading curriculum prepares students for higher learning and career. Students read texts in different genres that include drama, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. They also read more nonfiction texts to prepare them to read and do research across other subjects. The curriculum further helps students analyze texts more profoundly and strengthen their understanding of all subjects.

I can do it, How to Improve My sixth Grade Reading Comprehension
How can I help my teen who has ADHD?

A Concern Parent, New York.

What should be the reading goal for sixth-grade students?

A guardian, California.

How can I support my sixth grader with dyslexia?

A concerned dad, Hawaii.

How do I help my sixth grader learn new vocabulary?

A concerned parent, Montana

Is reading aloud beneficial to middle school students?

A single mom, Washington

The complexity of 6th-grade reading comes with numerous issues. In this article, our team of educators answers some of the common reading comprehension questions from concerned 6th-grade parents.

What does sixth-grade reading entail?

Reading in the sixth grade entails understanding narrative voices, plot structures, language application, and character development. Your child also learns how to compare and contrast stories and articles’ themes. This causes your child’s vocabulary and comprehension to grow significantly.

How do I help my 6th grader improve her reading comprehension?

Please discuss with your child what she has already read and what she knows about the topic. Secondly, monitor their understanding by asking them to explain how the text makes sense to them. Encourage your child also to re-read text for more clarity and understanding. Ask them to write a summary of what they have read. Lastly, please encourage them to ask questions loudly or write them down when reading.

How do I help my sixth grader learn new vocabulary?

Have thesauruses and dictionaries at their disposal. Help your child to create flashcards games for more access to new words. Expose them to new terms by introducing a new word daily during your conversation. Please encourage your child to write every unfamiliar word on sticky notes when reading and explore their meaning later.

Why does my sixth-grader have poor reading skills?

Poor reading skills can be caused by various factors, including inadequate exposure to early literacy and language development. Secondly, your child could have lacked enough instruction in the previous grades. Last, it could also be a result of biologically connected risk factors.

Is reading aloud beneficial to middle school students?

Reading aloud is not only crucial for elementary school practice; it is also essential in middle school learning. Reading aloud increases the engagement and comprehension of older students and improves their understanding of new vocabulary. Students also enjoy and discuss a story more when read aloud than when it is read silently.

What should be the reading goal for sixth-grade students?

By the end of the sixth-grade year, students should identify, explain and summarize the main idea after reading the text. They should also connect information from other sources with what they read for deeper meaning. Sixth graders should also successfully compare and contrast the setting, characters, points of view, ideas, and plot. Importantly, they should achieve better comprehension through reading vocabulary with an emphasis.

How can I support my sixth grader with dyslexia?

Exercise more repetition and practice to increase your child’s understanding of information and concepts. Increase visual elements during their study to boost their memory. For example, use flashcards with images and have them read aloud to boost their memory. You can also facilitate their understanding with regular simple tests at home. You can also encourage them to join groups for further learning.

What are the symptoms of ADHD in a middle schooler?

Your child may lack consistency in learning and may have poor interactions with peers. They quickly get distracted and daydream a lot. A teen with ADHD may also have messy work and may display impatience. They are also very creative though they doubt their abilities.

How can I help my teen who has ADHD?

Deal only with the current problem without referencing past failures. Show them genuine compassion, rather than criticizing them for their actions. Always be calm regardless of your child’s actions. Set clear boundaries for your child, and don’t forget to praise them when they accomplish something.


6th-grade schooling level is in many ways significant to your child since they experience a lot of changes and growth. They build upon skills learned in previous grades in a more intricate, more profound, rigorous, and independent manner. Students in the sixth grade are expected to produce more independent and organized skills, requiring more practice and adjustment.

That is why at Kids on the Yard, we equip your sixth grader with excellent reading skills as we develop their sense of confidence and self-esteem while reading. We understand that sixth-grade reading is a building block for their classroom, high school, college, and career skills.
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I can do it, How to Improve My 6th Grade Reading Comprehension
I can do IT

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