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Homeschooling Teachers

We made home-based learning made simple!

The team behind the teacher

We believe that successful Tutors build strong, personal relationships with their students and their families.

Our Teachers are HAND-PICKED by our Education Team, providing support each step of the way.

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Homeschooling questions?

Get answers to all of your questions from our experienced teachers and Educational Consultants. Ohh, yea!!,  We partner with a legal advocacy organization, HSLDA, to provide parents with the support they need. Legal advice, online state law, legal forms, tips, planning, and keeping records are some of what our packages include.

Learn more about our Homeschooling services!

Learn more in a free 20-30 mins session with our educational team from pricing, learning support needs, perfect match, program, tutor In-Person, or tutor Online.
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Homeschool Parents

Get homeschool support now!

Get Homeschool Support Now!
Busy homeschool parents have learned the secret to a successful homeschool experience. That secret supports your child (or children) to have a well-rounded education or supplemental education experience at home. When parents are too busy to get involved, the overall experience is weakened. Simply hiring a homeschool teacher changes everything. Sometimes even overnight!

How we Work - Remove the guesswork. Get specific reliable answers.

Remove the guesswork.
Get specific reliable answers.

Remove the guesswork of what your child’s learning support needs are with one of our State Certified Educators. Providing definite solutions, goals, and confidence to face any challenges they are presently facing as a student.

How we Work - Partner with a trusted Educator

Partner with a trusted Educator

We are an employee-based company including our Tutors that are guided and mentored by Senior Educators. We don’t use 3rd party contractors as Tutors, but rather they are mentored and directed to be the best Educator for your child.

How we Work - Personalized support that fits into your life.

Personalized support
that fits into your life.

The Center of our philosophy is to care! Our Educators have years of experience with personalizing lessons for children in a typical classroom of 20 to 25 children. What a talent and gift! Now they get to work with your child 1 on 1. What magic they can create! Not to mention happy Educators making a personal difference in the lives of their students.