Because life happens on the yard and in the classroom™
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Because life happens on the yard and in the classroom™
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Second Grade Tutoring

For Their Future, For Their Growth
Inspiring Personal Growth!

The Second Grade tutoring program provides children with the necessary skills for elementary school, such as reading, writing, and math. Once your child reaches 2nd Grade, they’re ready to accelerate their learning. By this point, they’ve adjusted to the more rigorous learning environment initially encountered in 1st Grade. They can further expand their skills and knowledge in every subject area, such as reading, writing, and math. Unfortunately, when a child is not ready for 2nd Grade more often, falling behind becomes more noticeable than ever before by teachers and parents.

Kids on the Yard educational team will equip your second grader with must-have skills to strive from learning How-To-Read learners to their first steps to apply knowledge learned in reading, writing, and math.  As your second grader steps away from learning How-To-Read and now begins the path of Learning-To-Learn, any gaps in foundation skills show up like never before in their school life.  For example, second-graders are expected to read more extensive and more complicated books. Their writing requires longer sentences and paragraph structure, more in-depth writing and research paper, math expands past the 1000’s, and second graders pursue projects involving research and critical thinking.

Second Grade is an exciting time for any young learner, both academically and socially, and preparation for a second-grader is vital for their academic success.   It will go a long way for your 2nd grade to continue to read with your child and regularly show them your family’s value for learning. Our skill-building tutoring sessions will grow any struggling 2nd grader’s phonics awareness, reading comprehension skills, math, and writing. In addition, depending on their preparation to second grade will determine their ability to adapt to their new demands as a learner.

All our tutors have in-classroom experience and have worked with students with varying abilities and learning styles throughout their careers.

Our State Certified Teachers prepare customized lessons based on their students’ academic and emotional intelligence growth. We work alongside school curriculum and state standards to ensure their educational development is aligned with their classroom.

Second graders develop their literacy skills as they learn more complex words and absorb longer, more rigorous texts in various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Unfortunately, for struggling readers/learners, these skills can disconnect a child from their learning experience in school.  With our personalized, one-on-one 2nd Grade tutoring, we help your child master new subjects and reach academic goals.