Because life happens on the yard and in the classroom™
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Because life happens on the yard and in the classroom™

First Grade Online and In-Person Tutoring

Does your child has just finished kindergarten and is now going to begin elementary schooling?
From Kindergarten to First Grade Our team of State Certified Credentialed teachers and educators are there to help your child at every step of the transition journey.

Tutoring and focus Subjects​

Four steps to Advancement First Grade

Together we will explore your family’s advancement goals and scheduling needs.
Meet our Educational Advocate and together we will explore your family’s goals,budget, scheduling and frequency needs.
There is a time to study and inspire personal growth. Meeting with the teacher on regular basis.
Our academics teams monitor the teacher and the child progress once every 4-5 weeks to make sure academic progress or tutoring curriculum are meet.

Ready to help your child improve grades, tests scores and confidence?

Call us at 844-902-4242 or fill out this form. We’ll contact you shortly to discuss your needs and ways to achieve your goals.