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Parent’s Point of View #109: Should I Prepare My Child for State Standardized Testing – 3rd-5th Grade

The application of standardized tests in schools has become more popular today than ever before. Standardized tests are designed to measure the progress of each child based on their grade level. As a parent, you may feel confused and unable to prepare your child for the tests, but don’t worry because you are not alone. Recently, we have been receiving numerous questions from 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders’ parents on preparing their children for the State standardized tests.

5th Grader
What do fifth-grade standardized tests assess?

Concern Parent, OH

How can I help my third grader to study for the test effectively?

Concern Parent, AR

How do I motivate my fifth grader before the standardized test?

Concern Parent, CA

What are the most common test problems among third graders?

Concern Parent, AK

Why does my fourth-grader seem too stressed about tests?

Concern Parent, NJ

While we may not cover all the questions we receive from you on this forum, we have picked the most common ones and provided effective answers.

Why does the state administer standardized tests to 5th graders?

States administer these tests to fifth graders to assess how well every student performs compared to their peers. They also use standardized tests to determine the educational compliance of a public school with national standards. The test may also be used to determine if your child should get a sixth-grade placement or not.

What do fifth-grade standardized tests assess?

Standardized tests vary from one state to another. They may also vary depending on the school that your child is attending. Nevertheless, your child is highly likely to be tested in math, language arts, and English. In math, your child may be tested for pre-algebraic concepts. Language arts and English may be tested for paragraph comprehension, paragraph structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Your child can also be tested for social studies and science.

Why does my fourth-grader seem too stressed about tests?

Please don’t worry if your fourth grader seems stressed about tests. It is normal! Many kids of this age complain about upcoming tests. You should nevertheless seek help when your child is too stressed about tests or keeps seeking reassurance for things they already know.

How can I help my fourth grader overcome test anxiety?

Overcoming test anxiety calls for early preparation. You should help your child to improve their study habits and to redo assignments as a way of cementing their knowledge. Always be calm when they are doing tests and let them know that you appreciate their efforts. You can also encourage them to focus more on the questions that they understand.

How can I help my third grader to study for the test effectively?

Please help them to set a good study area and plan the best studying hours. Discourage them from cramming notes. Ensure that they study in small chunks; else, they will be overwhelmed and have increased text anxiety. Read loudly together and analyze what you have read together. Ensure they get enough sleep and eat healthy meals even as they study.

How can I help my fifth grader to succeed in the standardized test?

Ensure that they keep up with all schoolwork in the fifth grade. Stay in close contact with the teacher and notify them of any concerns. Use practice exams to coach them on how to handle actual exams. Ensure that they have a quiet study area and enough rest.

What are the most common test problems among third graders?

Third graders may have problems understanding questions and following test directions. They also quickly lose focus and may be in a rush to complete a test. Third graders are also highly likely to provide vague and incomplete answers due to poor concentration.

How should I prepare my fourth grader for the standardized test?

Be consistent by not interrupting their regular schedules such as eating, sleeping, and eating hours. Ensure that your child is comfortable when going to school. Please encourage them to read test instructions and follow instructions from their teacher closely. Coach your child on how to effectively and neatly fill in the bubbles. Encourage them to manage time by not taking too much time trying to figure out complicated questions.

What help can I offer my third grader before and after taking the standardized test?

Help them gather necessary materials the night before the test. Make sure they sleep early. Provide them healthy breakfast on the test day. After the test results are out, congratulate them for effort rather than grades. Also, please help them to review questions they got wrong and strategize how to get better.

How do I motivate my fifth grader before the standardized test?

Encourage your child to sleep early before test day. Let them play and participate in fun activities to release tension. Set realistic goals and let them know that failing an exam is not the end. Encourage them to be optimistic and always to have the right attitude. Reward their efforts with gifts and incentives.

Take Away

If you’ve realized that your child is struggling with tests or a particular unit or subject area, feel free to talk to us at Kids on the Yard. Getting your extra child assistance can significantly boost their confidence and improve their tests performance. Our tutors use 21st-century teaching methods that will give your child extra help in their areas of struggle as they learn better strategies to handle tests.

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