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Parent’s Point of View #119: What is 5th Grade Reading, Under the Common Core Standards?

5th grade it is! And guess what? Your child is about to become a better reader! Fifth graders face more sophistication and complexity in reading that helps them to acquire a strong literacy. They are also introduced to complex language arts lessons that improve their reading comprehension and reading fluency. The main language strands for fifth graders’ reading program include reading comprehension, vocabulary development, writing applications, writing strategies, listening and speaking, and English language conventions.

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Interesting Facts About Fifth Graders:

Fifth graders are information sponges!

Fifth-graders have had the opportunity to become more mature learners since the Pre-K days. They have learned to respond faster and more independently to information. As a result, most of the fifth graders will excel in reading despite the learning complexity.

Fifth graders enjoy a good read!

Excellent reading comprehension and reading skills make it possible for them to enjoy great content. They also have a great sense of humor that pushes them to read long essays if they find them entertaining.

Fifth graders are unapologetically competitive!

Fifth-grade kids get excited about winning. Their competitive nature makes learning easy and pushes them to work harder.

There are many questions about 5th-grade reading as stipulated under the common core standards. Read on to find amazing facts and answers to some of your primary concerns.

Fifth Grade Reading: What Are the Common Core Standards in Literature?

A fifth-grader should quote accurately from a text when answering questions or drawing inferences from the text. They should determine the theme of a story or poem by reading the text. They should also learn how to make comparisons of characters or events when reading. By fifth grade, your child should also understand more vocabulary words and effectively understand figurative language. They should further understand the narrator’s point of view and successfully compare stories with the same genre.

Fifth Grade Reading: What Are Their Foundational Skills?

Fifth graders understand and apply grade-level word analysis and phonics to decode words. By so doing, they manage to read unfamiliar words accurately. They also read with great fluency and accuracy, hence boosting their comprehension. Fifth graders also use context to self-correct or confirm word recognition and reread text to improve understanding.

What Knowledge Should a Fifth Grader Have in Word Recognition and Phonics?

Fifth graders should effectively understand and apply word analysis skills and grade-level phonics in decoding words. In addition, they should utilize combined knowledge of morphology, syllabication patterns, and all letter-sound correspondences to accurately read unusual multisyllabic terms both in context and out of context reading material.

How Well Should a Fifth Grader Craft and Structure Text When Reading?

Fifth graders should compare and contrast the general structure of information, event, ideas, or concepts in two or information. They should also successfully analyze different accounts of similar topics or events and make comparisons.

How Fluent Should a Fifth Grader Be When Reading?

A fifth-grader should have fluency and sufficient accuracy when reading. They should have understanding and purpose when reading grade-level text. They should also orally read with appropriate rate and accuracy grade level poetry and prose. They should use context to self-correct or confirm word understanding and word recognition.

Fifth Grade Reading: What Should I Expect?

• Your child will become a more sophisticated reader
• They will spend more time reading longer chapters.
• Textbooks and passages in fifth grade are about to become more complex.
• Your child will understand the main ideas in reading through the application of improved reading comprehension strategies.
• They will successfully summarize what they have read through speaking or writing.
• They will also learn to compare texts from different sources.
• They can also think analytically and provide examples from the text.
• They can research and compile information.
• Fifth graders also learn new vocabulary through the application of context clues.
• They also effectively interpret information from videos, diagrams, timelines, and videos.

“The more you read the more things you know. The more that you learn the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss.

At Kids on the yard, we develop your fifth grader’s reading comprehension, helping them understand, interpret and decode what they read. We also help them make connections between what they read and already know and critically think about what they have read.

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