Because life happens on the yard and in the classroom™
Because life happens on the yard and in the classroom™

Customer Obsessed

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What Does It Mean to Be Customer Obsessed?

Written by Sam

Customer obsession describes organizations that continuously add value to the customer experience. These companies collect feedback regularly and prioritize customer needs in every business goal. They’re more concerned with retaining and delighting existing customers than acquiring new ones.

Why One of Our Company Core Values set as “Customer Obsessed”?

By continually improving our user’s journey, they can trust our business has their best interest at heart, which increases their likelihood of repeat working with us and becoming a loyal advocate of our business.

The five (5) levels of how we are applying the “Customer Obsessed” method in our teams:

  1. Provide customers easy and quick help with real peopleteachers, and educators.
  2. Obsess over every detail of the customer experience.
  3. Get on the front lines of customer interactions instead of remaining behind their tasks.
  4. Value customer quality over customer quantity
  5. The customer satisfaction score is part of the employee compensation and bonus plan.
Customer feedback
Customer feedback
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