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Parents Point of View #105: How to Help My Struggling 5th Grader

How to Help My Struggling 5th Grader

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In many schools, fifth grade is the last school year of elementary school. It is also a time when kids’ homework gets more complicated, and their learning struggles, especially in math, writing, and reading comprehension, become more profound. At kids on the Yard, we are determined to help your child keep up and excel in fifth-grade learning. That is why our educational team of experts took the time to answer some of the top questions from fifth-grade parents.

5th Grader
5th Grader

Why does my ADHD hate reading?

Concern parent, TX

“How can I get my fifth grader excited about reading?

Concern parent, OH

“How can I tell if my 5th grader needs math help?”

Concern parent, FL

“How do I help my 5th grader who is struggling in math??”

Concern parent, TX

“How can I get my fifth grader excited about reading?”

Concern parent, CA

Why does my 5th grader struggle so much with writing?

Concern parent, OR

If you are a fifth-grade parent who is helplessly watching your child struggle in READING comprehension, WRITING, and MATH questions comprehension, we got you! In this article, our team of educators provides answers to the most asked questions on the above-mentioned struggles.

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Why does my ADHD hate reading?

It is most probable that your child does not hate reading but rather hates the idea of quietly reading or sitting down for long without an exciting activity. What your child needs is a reading session that is characterized by multisensory stimulation and action.

How can my fifth grader be a fluent reader?

Be a model of fluent reading by reading fluently to your child or playing audios that have fluent and engaging reading. Please help them to read complex phrases often to improve their familiarity with hard words. You can also help your child practice fluency through timed reading. Engage them in reading games and activities.

How can I get my fifth grader excited about reading?

Learn your child’s interest and allow them to read what they love. Stock your bookshelves with books about their interests. Set a time for reading to formulate a reading culture. Read the same book with your child and later share and discuss its content. Keep bringing new books on diverse subjects to heighten their curiosity.

My fifth grader is dyslexic. How do I improve her reading abilities?

Let her listen to audiobooks as a way of improving their comprehension of content written in books. Allow them to type on a tablet or computer as an alternative to writing. Using learning apps that help them understand decoding in a fun way. Your child can also use a ruler to read in a straight line successfully.

My 5th grader enjoys writing. How can I make him a better writer?

Provide them with daily writing instructions to facilitate more practice. Provide them a good writing space and all the necessary writing tools. Take them to writing conferences and give them opportunities to meet their writing mentors. Provide them with many reading materials to get enough reference materials. Realize that poor writing mechanics does not mean your child is a bad writer: Work more on improving their word choice, transition, opening, and concluding paragraph

My 5th grader writing skills are still very low. Why is that the case?

Your child’s writing struggle could be caused by: poor language skills, poor handwriting and spelling, poor writing struggles, and poor fine motor skills. It could also be caused by limited guidance and instructions, little motivation, insufficient attention and focus, and some form of learning disabilities.

How do I help my 5th grader overcome her writing shortcomings?

Keep encouraging your child to write until it becomes a natural process. Secondly, teach and oversee their work. You can hire a tutor if your schedule is too tight. Praise them for effort and always give helpful feedback without applying negative criticism. Give your child freedom to write what they enjoy and are confident in.

How should a 5th-grade paragraph look?

A 5th grader paragraph should have at least three sentences or more and must not take over half of the page. The section should contain a topic or opening sentence, a detailed sentence\s, and a closing sentence. Fifth graders should also know how to use caps, spell about 90% of words, and effectively use punctuations, among other basic writing rules.

What are the signs of math anxiety in a 5th grader?

A child with math anxiety may have sweaty and clammy hands when doing their homework or tackling a math problem. They may avoid doing math or fail to respond to some questions. You may notice negative talk towards the subject and intense reactions whenever in a math class. Other symptoms may include lightheadedness, increased heart rate, and an upset stomach.

What math milestone should I expect from my fifth grader?

Fifth graders should apply some of the math concepts in real life and use more than one method to solve a math problem. They should be able to use the ‘greater than’ and ‘lower than’ symbols. Fifth graders should also understand fractions and decimals better and successfully arrange them in a descending or ascending order. They should successfully round-off numbers and divide large numbers, with or without decimals.

How can I tell if my 5th grader needs math help?

• Cannot add two-digit and two-digit numbers
• Cannot successfully use the multiplication table
• They don’t understand the division concept
• They become anxious when doing math homework
• Performs too poorly in math compared to other subjects
• They cannot recognize simple math patterns.

How do I help my 5th grader who is struggling in math?

Use playdoh among others games, to help them understand different math concepts. Please enable them to improve their mental workout by using mental math skills when buying groceries. Use charts, tables, and diagrams to enhance their math understanding. Advice them to read aloud and slowly math word questions to better understand the question. Set small and achievable math goals, and reward every milestone. Get help if you suspect your child has a math learning disability.

Take Away:

Here at Kids on the Yard, we are determined to assess your child and build their strength in writing, math, and English comprehension, among other areas.

Fifth grade is important in every student’s life because they cement all the skills they have learned in the upper grades. It is also a time they get to lay a foundation for further learning. This makes it crucial to practice, grow, and refine their skills.

You can trust our team of experts to build a strong academic foundation for your child.

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