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Parent’s Point of View Homeschool #114: How To Improve My 4th-Grader’s Reading Comprehension Skills

How to Improve My 4th Grade Reading Comprehension.

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Fourth grade is critical in your child’s learning since it formulates a good foundation for middle school learning. Children learn more advanced concepts compared to previous grades and explore a lot of things on their own. They also have higher critical thinking skills. While most of their learning occurs in class, they also capture a lot of knowledge from their environment. Relating to the world around them and exploring their environment contributes to their reading comprehension skills.

How to Improve my 4th Grader's Reading Comprehension Skills
Why should I read together with my fourth-grader daughter?

A mom of a fourth-grader from Washington

How can I motivate my son to read?

A concerned dad from Hawaii

What causes poor reading comprehension among learners?

A concerned parent from Nevada

Why is it important to teach reading comprehension strategies?

A teacher from Alabama.

How can I make my fourth grader’s reading activities fun?

A homeschooling parent from Kentucky.

Just like in other grades, there are numerous reading comprehension struggles in the fourth grade.  That is why our team of educators collected these common questions from fourth-grade parents and provided credible responses.

What are the most common causes of reading issues?

Common causes of reading issues include poor vision, improper directional tracking, hearing loss, poor comprehension, decoding issues, dyslexia, ADHD, and ADD. While some of these problems are easily solved, others may require significant interventions.

What could be the cause of poor comprehension in my child?

Poor comprehension among kids occurs when they have issues following directions, remembering words or series of numbers, or understanding what they are hearing. Some of these issues are caused by ADD and hearing loss, among other auditory processing disorders.

What is the standard reading level of a fourth-grader?

A fourth grader should read from different genres, such as poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. They should easily understand new material and summarize what they have read. They should also quickly answer questions from what they have read. A fourth grader should also organize ideas and materials effectively.

Why should I read together with my fourth-grader daughter?

Reading together has several benefits, including developing your child’s reading comprehension. In addition, it helps to create a strong bond with your child, and you make a strong reading culture. Reading together also allows your child to understand the content better, and they also ape your fluency and expressions when reading.

What causes poor reading comprehension among learners?

Your child’s poor reading comprehension could result from emotional distress, lack of interest, working memory deficit, inability to understand the subject matter, and spending too much time analyzing each word.

How can I motivate my son to read?

One way you can motivate your child is by getting to their level. For example, if your son loves technology, you can use a mobile device or tablet to practice reading. Learning with reading apps can also make your child feel more motivated, similar to playing a game. Also, learn more about their attention span so that you can know when they are most attentive and when to stop the reading session.

How do I improve my fourth grader’s reading comprehension?

You can improve your child’s reading comprehension by integrating their life experiences in the story. This way, your child can easily understand the content of the story. Secondly, you can ask your child questions, something that improves their reading comprehension and develop their problem-solving skills. Lastly, you can increase your child’s comprehension by encouraging them to summarize information after reading.

How do I help my fourth-grader who is struggling with reading?

Find out their opportunities for growth and learning gaps and begin helping them from there. Besides closing their learning gaps, they build their confidence by highlighting their strengths. It would help if you also made learning explicit by using a step-by-step guide in their learning. Let them know that you are not also perfect and that you also make mistakes. Lastly, integrate auditory, kinesthetic, and visual activities in your teaching.

How can I make my fourth grader’s reading activities fun?

You can make your child’s reading activity fun by allowing them to choose their books. Secondly, incorporate digital technology since kids find it fun and exciting. Finally, create for them a good and conducive reading environment. You can also engage them in reading contests and incorporate post-reading activities such as skits and group discussions.

Why is it important to teach reading comprehension strategies?

Lack of reading comprehension makes it hard for children to understand what they read. Comprehension increases children’s understanding and makes them active readers. Reading comprehension also makes it easy for students to engage with texts and relate them to real life.

Take Away

The ultimate goal of reading is to extract meaning from what one reads. This makes reading comprehension a vital aspect of learning. Our Kids on the yard tutors are highly experienced in developing your child’s reading comprehension skills. We help students comprehend and interpret what they read. We also teach them how to connect their reading with what they see in their environments. So, besides improving your child’s reading comprehension, we also enhance their critical thinking skills.

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