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Parents Point of View #103: How to Help My Struggling 3rd Grader

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In the last few weeks, we are getting more and more questions from parents for third-grade children who are struggling in write, understand reading, understand math questions.

Family with two kids back to school

I am concerned with my son writing in complete sentences. He can tell me complete sentences. It knows how to write it on paper

Concern parent, Florida

My 3rd grader can’t understand math question is this releted to reading?

Concern parent, NY

“What do you do when your child refuses to write?”

Concern parent, TX

“Why is my child not writing?”

Concern parent, OH

“What do you do my child refuses to write?”

Concern parent, CA

My child in 3rd grade, and he still cann’t spell. Can you help me to figure out what causes poor spelling ?

Concern parent, OR

For our parents with struggling third-graders, our educational team collected the top 12 questions and answers about third-grade exceptions for each category Reading, Writing, and Math:

Why is my third grader still struggling with spelling?

If your child has a persistent problem with spelling, consider checking if they have dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia, or dyspraxia.

Why can’t my 3rd grader read effectively?

Reading struggle could be a sign of dyslexia, which could not be noticeable in the lower grades. It could also be a decoding problem. Decoding commonly becomes challenging in the third grade due to the complexity of sentences and phrases. Reading comprehension problems and vocabularies skills issues could also hinder reading in the 3rd grade.

How can I help my third grader to build their reading skills?

You can improve your child’s reading abilities by reading aloud with them, encouraging them to read, setting a good reading example, providing them favorite books to read, and keeping a dictionary to help them understand hard words.

How can I improve my 3rd grader’s love for writing?

Make your child feel like an author by enjoying anything they write. Please provide them with enough reading materials, and on the subjects they want most. Ignore spelling and grammar mistakes. Importantly, allow them to share and publish their stories.

How can I help my 3rd grader to write complete sentences?

Create a culture of reading-out-loud since good writing goes hand-in-hand with appropriate reading. Have a writing space with all the necessary writing tools. Introduce writing games, and use colors to make it more interesting. Teach them how to create sentences with subject and predicate. Use models or pictures to help them understand sentence structure. Lastly, invest a lot of time in writing.

Why does writing seem so tricky for my 3rd grader?

Writing could seem so difficult for your child because they are more familiar with automatic processes through the new technology. Secondly, your child could struggle with memory, forgetting punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary, among other writing rules. Language problems and cognitive problems could also cause writing struggles.

Why is my third grader refusing to write?

Your child could refuse to write because they are more acquainted with the latest technology. They could also not have developed fine motor skills. Just like some adults, some children just hate writing. Your child could also have a mixed-dominance issue. Usually, eye and hand dominance should go hand-in-hand. If your child is left-handed but has the right-eye distinction, they could experience a mixed-dominance problem.

Why is my third grader struggling so much with math?

Your child probably hates math or has consumed too much negative information about math. They could also be suffering from math anxiety. They could further be struggling with number sense. A child struggling with number sense will understand concepts and quantities, such as more or less.

How can I help my child that is struggling with math?

• Observe and identify the areas they mostly experience challenges.
• Ask for help from teachers or tutors.
• Use math around the house. For example, ask them to tell time or count the number of apples in the basket, etc.
• Build their confidence by highlighting their strengths and celebrating their small achievements.

How can I improve my third grader’s love for math?

Empower them with a growth mindset over pessimism and negative attitude. Introduce math games, e.g., Kahoot and jeopardy, at home. Use technology to explore and learn math. Children love technology and could enjoy studying math through math websites. Use math to solve real-life issues. Speak positively about math

Why doesn’t my third-grader understand math questions?

Your third grader could struggle to understand math questions due to reading trouble, making it hard to comprehend word problems. Secondly, they could be struggling to understand math concepts and phrases, making it hard for them to know what they should solve. Lastly, your child could be struggling with self-control and focus. This can cause them to skip essential parts of the question or make easy calculation mistakes.

How can I boost my third grader’s math skills?

• Help them understand concepts, over memorizing rules and drills
• Help them improve their writing and neatness
• Remind them of forgotten formulas and concepts
• Help them know math vocabularies
• Please encourage them to compute math problems without calculators
• Please encourage them to practice math more
• Tackle word problems together (Read aloud, circle key points and repeat to understand).
• Use math in real-life, e.g., counting money.
• Use games to learn math.

Take away:

Kids on the yard whole child approach adapts a unique way to build your child’s fundamental knowledge on Math, Reading, and Writing. We believe that the fundamental foundation of excellent learning is helping children to have a good understanding of sentence structure and reading. Without these skills, your child may never succeed in reading or writing, and they will also struggle with math as it requires the application of logic questions. It is for this reason that we are keen on building their strength in these three essential areas.

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