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NBC NEWS NOW Nov, 1st 2021

Difficult for kids that are already struggling at the start of the Year?, NBC NEWS NOW, Nov 1st, 2021

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Our Founder Sarah Katrina, featured on NBC NEWS NOW.

Is Standardized Testing difficult for kids that are already struggling at the start of the year?

Florida governor pushes for Standardized Testing alternative to alleviate student stress.

Standardized testing can bring a lot of anxiety and pressure to kids. Critics say one test doesn’t necessarily measure a student’s academic ability. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis proposed multiple tests throughout the year to reduce stress and allow teachers to better monitor student’s progress. 

NBC NEWS NOW by Rehema Ellis @NBCNews Education Correspondent @rehemaellis

“Taking it away completely off the board and of an idea where someone might be can set a lot of different tones.”

Sarah Katrina

It can set the tone, “Ok, so we don’t have confidence in that you can reach the mark, even though it was a difficult year.”

Sarah Katrina

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