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Parent’s Point of View #107: Should I Prepare My Child for State Standardized Testing – Pre-K

Parent's Point of View #107: Should I Prepare My Child for State Standardized Testing - Pre-K

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Standardized tests play a significant role in United State’s public schools. The federal law requires kids from grade three to eight to take standardized tests annually to assess their knowledge in math and reading. However, the idea of using the same tests on younger kids, especially Pre-K kids, is still unfamiliar and somehow controversial in some states. Parents have been raising questions and concerns about preschoolers’ standardized tests. In this article, our team of educators provides the best answers to some of their major concerns.

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Should I tell my Preschooler about an upcoming Standardized Test?

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Who Conducts the Pre-K Standardized Test?”

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“What happens if the standardized test shows my child has a developmental problem?”

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“What is the Purpose of Preschoolers’ State standardized tests?”

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Why is prior Preparation not encouraged in Preschoolers’ Standardized Tests?

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Let us explore some of your primary concerns about state standardized tests on Pre-K kids. You can also contact us if you have more questions, comments, or insight.

What is the Purpose of Preschoolers’ State standardized tests?

Standardized testing on pre-K kids is not designed to track their success in school or decide if they should join kindergarten. Instead, the tests track their learning ability and identify those that may need special education services.

What does Pre-K Standardized Test Assess?

Pre-K Standardized tests screen your child’s language or communication skills, motor skills such as gross and fine skills, adaptive behavior such as independent functioning, and social skills with peers and adults. The tests also examine your kids’ pre-academic skills, including their ability to count, answer general questions, and name colors. In some cases, and with the presence of a professional, the test may include hearing and vision screening.

Who Conducts the Pre-K Standardized Test?

School-based professionals mainly screen preschoolers for kindergarten. They may include a school psychologist, speech-language pathologist, physical therapist, nurse, occupational therapist, and most importantly, a teacher. Parents, caretakers, or school personnel can also indirectly examine some developmental areas of Pre-K learners through rating skills.

Why is Standardized Testing for Pre-K important?

Standardized testing for Pre-K students is essential because it acts as an early intervention for behavioral, academic, or developmental issues. The testing picks up or notices signals of probable behavioral or learning difficulties before they intensify. Other developmental areas are also assessed directly by giving the children some tasks or posing some direct questions.

What happens if the standardized test shows my child has a developmental problem?

Your child will be given early intervention promptly, hence avoiding deterioration of the problem and increased costs of interventions. The interventions will also facilitate better learning for your kid, thus improving their chance of excelling academically and in general life.

What is done with the Standardized Tests Results?

Preschoolers’ Standardized test results are vital to all people that interact with your child regularly. The results show any delays or difficulties in functioning in a child, calling for the right teaching strategies. The results also help to evaluate your child’s progress after interventions hence preventing further developmental problems.

Should I tell my Preschooler about an upcoming Standardized Test?

It is unnecessary to tell your child about an upcoming test at their age. None of the questions in the Pre-K level require prior Preparation or revision. Not informing your child about the test will help them remain relaxed and at ease during the screening. Initial Preparation could kill the fun and instead pave the way to anxiety, stress, or fear.

How can I help my Preschooler to Relax during the Standardized Tests?

The best way to help your child relax is for you to be relaxed. Remember, preschoolers’ tests are child-friendly, engaging, and fun. You can nevertheless tell your child that they will meet new but friendly people in school. Let them know that the new people will ask them to do things they love doing, such as writing, drawing, coloring, and reading.

Why is prior Preparation not encouraged in Preschoolers’ Standardized Tests?

There is no need to prepare your child in advance for standardized testing. In fact, there is a risky of raising their anxiety and fear by telling them about the test in advance. Prior Preparation can cause a process that would have been easy and fun to be difficult and complex.

What role will I play in my Preschooler’s Testing Process?

One of the best roles you can play during the testing process is to help your child to be calm. Assure them that everything is okay, and also show them that you are also calm. Secondly, work closely with the school personnel by providing any helpful information. You should also accompany your child during the testing process and have some fun after the test.

Take Away

Preschoolers’ standardized tests examine your child’s ability to learn in school and determine if they need any special needs services. The test results act as a good guide of what support to give your child. While you can’t prepare your preschooler for kindergarten screening, you can enroll them in tutoring programs to strengthen their skills and set them up for kindergarten. At Kids on the Yard, we have excellent tutoring programs for preschoolers. The programs improve your child’s reading, writing, and math skills. We also develop their play-based learning skills that build curiosity and understanding of their world

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