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Choose the Right Tutoring Company

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How to Choose the Right Tutoring Company?

With so many tutoring companies before and after the pandemic started, you might find it hard to select the best one for your child. On the other hand, choosing an individual tutor may be cheaper, faster, and with less hustle, but you may not know their abilities and efficiency until they have had several sessions with your child. Therefore, choosing a tutoring company over an individual tutor is always advisable since the right company will guarantee you convenience, phenomenal experience, high-quality, and excellent service. What characteristics would you look for to conclude that a tutoring company is the best for your child?

Do They Have the Know-How about Their Tutors

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Before concluding that a tutoring company is the best for your kid, check out the company’s tutor/teacher selection process such as the background check, academic qualifications, and teaching style of their tutors. Are they trained and experienced for the job? Do they have good interpersonal skills besides having good teaching credentials? Academic experiences and credentials are essential, but what makes a great teacher and tutor is warmth, affection, and a commitment to excellence in their students. At Kids on the Yard, our tutors not only provide excellent tutoring services, but they also build a strong and personal rapport with not just your child but also with your family. We approach the whole child uniquely, making it possible to deal with their academic struggles, boost confidence and help them master excellent academic skills.

Determine the Company’s Tutor/Teacher Selection Process

Find out the rigorous process of hiring tutors in the tutoring company of your choice. Do not be afraid to ask how they hire their tutors. Your child will experience a top-notch, flawless experience if the tutors are hired not just on a credential basis, but also on specific performance and values. It is also good to understand the mission statement and value of the Company before enrolling your child for personal tutoring. If quality and love are not the basis of the Company’s founding, then it might not be the best place for your child.

At Kids on the Yard, we are an employee-based tutoring company and our education team carefully hand-pick our educators under the guidance and mentorship of senior educators. They are well-trained to evaluate your child’s academic strengths, areas of weakness, learning abilities, and areas of interest in the effort to improve their academic performances. The Company cultivates a love for learning with a 21st learners’ mindset. Tutoring with Kids on the Yard’s is based on research, critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, perseverance, leadership, communication, collaboration, global awareness, personal well-being, and Information Technology, making it a perfect place to bring your child for quality tutoring and quality service.

Perform Thorough Reviews and Testimonials

Back to school-Qualified State Certified Educators - Aligning with your child's instruction in the classroom
School-Qualified State Certified Educators – Aligning with your child’s instruction in the classroom
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It is easy to forego research of reviews and testimonials of a company before selecting a tutoring company for your child. Reviews and testimonials are designed to communicate their educational philosophy and match yours as a parent. Great reviews and testimonials explain who they are as a company. The majority of the online platform tutoring companies are not employee-based companies, but rather 3rd party contractors. Tutors are provided a scripted curriculum without real investment from the tutors themselves. Does what the Company say about its services differ from what its clients say? Company reviews are essential since they will tell you what management may not. Check out if the tutoring company is ready to empower the 21st-century child in academics and character. Also, ensure that the Company works closely with parents and the community to improve the overall lives of children. Ensure you read reviews from previous customers before enrolling your child in any institution. Kids on the Yard Whole Child Approach Is An In Online And In-Person Tutoring Platform For Inspirational Academic And Personal Growth on channel 2 News (KTVN)

Determine the Affordability of the Company

The affordability of a tutoring company is an important aspect when deciding where to enroll your child. This is because though you may pay the first installment, you may not be in a position to sustain their costs and rates. You should also do enough background research to determine if the cost of tutoring aligns with the services provided. At Kids on the Yard, we don’t just provide great tutors and teachers we have a whole educational team supporting your child’s growth. High-quality service and teachers!

Other factors you may consider:

  • How long the tutoring company has been in the market, its reliability, and its credentials
  • Determine if the services provided by the Company meet your learner’s expectations.
  • Determine if the Company is utilizing practical tech tools that align with your child’s grade and needs.
  • Determine the steps that the Company has taken to sustain quality.
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Food for Thought:

The best tutoring company is one whose tutors formulate a confidence-building rapport with both the students and the parents, besides providing outstanding learning solutions. High-quality service and teachers!
See how Sarah Katrina is the Creative Force Behind the Highly Innovative Whole Child Tutoring Approach as shown in FOX 43 (WTNZ, Knoxville, TN)

by Sarah Katrina Maruani

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