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Parents Point of View #100: How to Beat the Morning Rush?

How to Beat the Morning Rush?, Group of children rushing to school

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Are your mornings overwhelming, hectic, and significantly hindering your productivity throughout the day? Don’t worry; we’ve got you. This article will highlight five strategies to beat the morning rush. These strategies will also boost your energy levels, giving you a good head start daily. But before then, here are the adverse effects of the crazy morning rush.

  • Morning rush can cause outbursts such as yelling at your children. If you find yourself yelling every morning, you and your children are experiencing high morning stress levels.
  • The tension experienced during the morning rush can interfere with your productivity the rest of the day as you will review in your mind for some time.
  • It can cause breakfast to be missed as you begin to try to get caught up on time. This may cause physical effects such as lowering your blood sugar and leaving you irritable, tired, and lazy.
  • A build-up of stress from the morning rush can also possibly lead up to bigger issues, such as temperature feelings of anxiety related to AM schedule.
  • Morning rush can further make you forget essential documents necessary for both work and school.
  • The rush can also reduce the parent-children bond.

Here are the best strategies to beat the morning rush:


Having enough sleep is essential to both children and parents. Children who sleep less than 8 hours are bound to wake up cranky, tired, and generally slow. Most teens may sleep late, engaging in different forms of activities and hobbies. Such children not only have problems in the morning but also get sleepy and tired in class and may perform poorly. Parents also get unproductive and may become irritable or edgy throughout the day. You should ensure your children get enough sleep by creating a regular sleep pattern and closing screen time one hour before bedtime. You should remove the habit of surfing the web, watching TV,  playing video games, overusing the phone, or studying beyond bedtime hours.


You can collaborate with your children (especially if they are older) to prepare for the next day before going to bed. For example, you can teach them to pack their bags and organize their school stuff before breaking into bed. Also, ensure that the next day’s school uniforms and clothes are ironed and ready before sleeping. You should also prepare a breakfast menu and pack snacks before sleeping. Besides ensuring that all your children’s school stuff is well-packed, complete all your office work before morning. Importantly, prepare how you will commute in the morning if you don’t drive.


You may not be a morning person, but if you want your morning to be stress-free, get up as soon as your alarm buzzes. It is wise to wake up earlier than your children to get some quiet time before beginning the day. Quiet time allows self-care to be a priority before the rush of the day, make yourself your favorite tea or coffee and prepare for the day ahead. You can also wake up your children earlier than usual to minimize the rush. Involve them in setting the alarm and let them understand why it is essential.


No doubt you love your children very much. Nevertheless, it may be hard to express the virtue of love when trying to get them to school on time. Always remind yourself that yelling will not get things done. Remember that being too tough on your children will only wear you out. Instead, encourage laughter by doing morning riddles or jokes of the day together and hugging as a morning greeting to reassure them that regardless of the rush, we’re a team. By so doing, you will manage to have things flow quickly, translating to a better day.


Teach your children how to do some of the tasks on their own. This may include dressing up, preparing their snacks, filling the water bottle, and feeding. Rather than nagging them to hurry up, wake them up earlier. Not only will you beat the morning rush, but you will also teach them to be more responsible.


Morning rush can cause stress to both children and parents and can equally lower your family’s productivity. Proper planning and effective management of time can help reduce the stress involved. Rather than being angry and anxious, parents should be calm, loving, and patient with their children.

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