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Homeschooling Guide to Work with a Tutoring Company

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Working with a Tutoring Company

Homeschooling or home-based education is a learning process of school-aged children at home under parent’s guidance, rather than in traditional school settings. It is a legal and acceptable form of learning in all States of America and many nations globally. Due to its flexibility, homeschooling allows parents to assist their children in learning in ways that are best fit them best. The flexibility of the homeschooling curriculum helps parents to customize it to fit their children’s needs. What more? Homeschooled graduates excel academically and Social-Emotional no different from at-school learners. They move onto college, get military admission, start businesses, get lucrative jobs and live happy and productive lives.

Despite homeschooling having tremendous benefits as an alternative to traditional schooling. Parents do find themselves seeking supplemental support for their child(ren)’s homeschooling education. Unfortunately, the majority of the parents often lack the time actaully needed to manage a homeschool setting and worry if they can be the “teacher” and give their children quality education. Some families take on the idea they should tackle every section of homeschooling by themselves because they chose to switch to homeschooling. This leaves parents to learn new content and then relearn the content to teach it to their children. Other parents utilize platforms but still find their child(ren) need supplement support to engage them as students but don’t always know the correct average to get there. The good news is that you don’t have to handle everything related to homeschooling on your own. You can work with companies such as ours to supplement in a variety of ways your child’s homeschooling experience.

Expand your Homeschool Village with a Tutoring Company of your Choice!

Three practical tips for current homeschool families or soon-to-be homeschoolers:

i. Communicating Effectively: First Step

Communicating effectively with a tutoring company about everything your child(ren) needs for homeschool can be challenging to narrow down. The overall goal is to express your child’s preferred learning style—first, list out everything that may be relevant to their learning process, including their strengths and weaknesses. Students may carry over similar struggles with learning they have had while in an In-Person classroom to their new homeschooling set-up. They may struggle with similar subject areas or lack confidence. Partnering up with the right tutoring companies provides significant support to children especially struggling learners. Whether parents have enrolled in a formal homeschooling program or the parent has taken the role of teacher, additional support provides a beautiful addition to your homeschooler.

Our Educational team at Kids on the Yard is always available to listen to your needs and provide the best learning support solutions for your child(ren). In addition, the team ensures that their teaching methods fit your child’s learning style. Our first step is continuously building a great relationship and partnering with our families to achieve their homeschooling goals. Besides excellent communication about your child’s learning support solutions, we also develop and encourage well-established expectations for children at home to thrive and use a growth mindset.

ii. Building a Good Relationship with the Tutoring Company of your Choice

Every parent’s goal is to see their children achieve academically and have well-rounded life experiences. Most of our child’s day-to-day life is the village in which we choose to surround them. Many things in life are not within our control but taking the time to create the right environment for homeschooling is within our control. Finding supplemental support for your child’s education is a goal within reach. Finding a reputable tutoring company goes beyond the reviews but is rooted in alignment with your values. A solid tutoring company values relationship-based importance and care as part of its services to families.

At Kids on the Yard, building strong personal relationships with our students, their parents, and families is key to a successful formula. In life, when we feel valued and supported, the sky is truly the limit. Children are intuitive about who’s on their team. Once rapport is built, strengthening a student academically comes naturally and steadily, along with confidence and a sense of resiliency. We have like-minded educators ready to be part of your family’s village.

iii. Ensure the Company Provides Individual-Based Learning

An individualized form of learning is a teaching method in which instructional method, content, and learning pace are based upon an individual learner’s interests, needs, and abilities. Individualized learning allows your child to learn at his own pace, something that improves their outcomes and increases their confidence. Children also build mastery and comprehension of complicated subjects when tutors use an individualized-based approach. They also get the assurance that they have what it takes to be successful.

Like other credible tutoring companies, Kids on the Yard provides students with individualized attention that is not achieved in a crowded Zoom Class and In-person classroom settings. We apply student-paced, one-on-one, and personalized learning to help your child achieve academic excellence and better life skills. Not only do we prepare your child for exams and tests, but we also help them to get through their specific learning struggles. As a result, we ensure that your child gets past their challenges and improves their overall grades.

Food for Thought:

If your family decides to add an educator to your homeschooling setup, rest assured that the experience will be more enriched if parents have done their homework first. Our first step at, Kids on the yard is a 30 session with our educational team to assist parents with narrowing down what they might specifically be looking for with homeschooling. This session provides parents the opportunity to discuss and ask questions with a real teacher freely. We offer parents an organic conversation to see if additional support works for your homeschool family. If anything, within our 30 minutes, you’ll walk away feeling like you meet someone awesome and have a better idea of what you would like your village to look like for the coming school year.

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