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Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Private Educator for your Homeschooler

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Private Educator for your Homeschooler

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The decision to homeschool your child can be a daunting one. It can be overwhelming initially as you wonder how best to help your child.

It is okay to feel overwhelmed, especially if you lack the proper training or teaching skills to support your child’s schooling. However, these fears should not prevent you from homeschooling your child since you can do it with the support of a qualified private educator.

Homeschooling with a private educator has countless benefits for you and your child!

ONE-ON-ONE CUSTOMIZED TUTORING For Their Future, For Their Growth Inspiring Personal Growth!
ONE-ON-ONE CUSTOMIZED TUTORING For Their Future, For Their Growth Inspiring Personal Growth!

Top 10 reasons you should hire a private educator to homeschool your child/children.

1. Personalized Attention:

Many classrooms in traditional schools consist of 25 to 30 students, making it hard for teachers to deliver individualized attention. Lack of individualized attention may cause some students to feel neglected, especially when they require extra help. You can ensure that your child gets maximum attention when you hire a private educator. They are available to help your child through every area of growth and challenge and provide personalized lessons, whether supporting an Online program or a full home-based curriculum.

A private educator works through topics at the pace of your child(ren) until your child fully understands and masters the material. Additionally, the educator will understand your child’s individual needs and preferred learning styles by adjusting their teaching methods to align with them. Notably, a private educator sparks your homeschooling children’s interest in learning to be more engaged and focused on daily learning and routines.

2. Planned Homeschooling Environment:

Transitioning from the traditional school structure to learning in a home environment can feel overwhelming for any child and parent. However, a homeschool educator can give your children the format and daily structure they require to thrive in this new setup.

An educator helps create a more comfortable, supportive, and structured environment with fewer distractions. They also ensure that the learning environment is relaxed and friendly but formatted to fit your child’s educational needs and at-home learning space.

3. Wellbeing for Families Who Need Extra Support:

Families who need extra support to ensure all stay healthy in their day-to-day home life. Homeschooling your child can be one of the most unexpected benefits. Homeschooling educators help children recognize what is safe and unsafe for their overall physical well-being to stay safe and healthy. In addition, the home environment reduces exposure to germs in public/private school environments.

4. They Accommodate your Family Schedule:

While homeschooling has so many benefits, it can be pretty stressful if you don’t have any background in education. It can also be challenging if you have a busy work schedule. Hiring a private educator reduces stress and frees up your time attending other activities. If you are busy or working with an irregular schedule, a private homeschooling educator can come in handy. They can be pretty flexible with your kids’ studies and maneuver through their lessons based on the family schedule.

A home educator also gives your child the flexibility to learn at a level that fits them best rather than based on age. For some learners, it could mean studying at a higher level than their age, while to others, it could mean beginning on a different level to create a good foundation before going to a higher level. Homeschooling your children is essential since it allows them to satisfy their educational needs while meeting their freedom.

How do I determine if I need a private educator to support my homeschooling children?

5. Exposes Children to more Hands-on Activities:

Unlike the traditional classroom, which has many confines, homeschooling can be fun and diverse. A private educator can give your child excellent hands-on opportunities to learn academically and personally. Hands-on activities are learning processes that involve experiencing and doing something instead of just being told about it.

Hands-activities can include outdoor learning about nature, science experiments, and art creation, rather than just reading textbooks. These activities help improve children’s hand muscles, learn functional skills and improve accuracy. These skills are essential in school and all other parts of their lives.

6. They are Accommodating and Friendly:

A qualified private educator provides your child with a friendly environment where they can freely speak about their growth areas. Some children struggle in a regular classroom since they are too shy to talk about their needs or ask questions. They are afraid of asking their teacher a question in front of their peers even though they may require clarification.

You can help a struggling child by starting a home school program where they will be free to ask questions and clarification. On the other hand, hiring a private educator in the homeschooling program will be an added advantage. Your child will get more attention and be accessible on their struggles. A private tutor can also help a child be more comfortable when learning a complex subject. Significantly, a private educator can boost your child’s self-esteem.

7. They Boost your Child’s Chance of Academic Success:

Homeschooling students with qualified and experienced private educators tend to perform better academically and develop more love for learning. They set your child up for success in school, higher education, and in their future career.

Private educators are known to set high standards for their students. As a result, they engage students more than regular school teachers and improve their desire to learn. Private educators expect excellence from their students and help them live up to those expectations. The academic rigor and high expectations help students score above-average levels, causing them to have a higher college-going rate.

8. They Can Improve your Child’s Self-Esteem:

Children feel more confident about themselves when they learn and grow as people. As a result, they are more prepared to accept whatever challenges they come across when learning and beyond. A private homeschool educator can do a great job of boosting your child’s self-esteem. 

A good educator play’s a significant role in growing your child’s mindset. By helping your children see areas of growth as opportunities to learn. They improve the child’s perspective on academic achievements and a good attitude toward learning.

A private tutor can also help your child develop high self-esteem by allowing them to recap previous learning and close any existing learning gaps. They also celebrate all children’s successes, no matter how small they may seem. Lastly, a homeschool educator can improve your child’s self-esteem by reassuring them when they struggle to achieve their goals.

9. They are a Constant Source of Motivation:

A private educator can be an excellent motivation for your homeschooling child. They provide extra support and encouragement to learners when they need it the most. A perfect private tutor acts as a role model to their students. As they work passionately and with motivation, their students ape them too. 

 A private tutor also motivates your child to learn by understanding them better and understanding their interests. In addition, they help learners understand how the learned concepts apply to real-life experience and the importance of the courses in the future. Besides the formal method of teaching, private educators also use cooperative learning activities, teach by discovery and utilize hands-on learning, making learning more enjoyable.

Homeschooling educators are a great source of motivation because they help learners set realistic academic goals. They encourage them to set reasonable goals and celebrate with them when they achieve them or make progress. They also motivate children to improve by helping them understand the importance of testing and grading. In addition, they give children constructive criticism and praise that encourages them to do better. Lastly, they give your child more control over their education by allowing them to choose learning styles, project topics, and study time.

10. Improving the Parent-Child Relationship:

Transiting your child from private/public school to homeschooling can be stressful and create a strenuous relationship between you and your child. However, you can overcome these unnecessary conflicts by hiring a private educator. An educator can help lift unnecessary disputes between your children and you while relieving you of the extra burden of balancing your job and homeschooling.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the responsibilities of a private homeschool educator?

A private homeschool educator can help you with varying tasks that include the following:

1. A private educator can help in planning lessons and the curriculum.

2. They help to determine the best learning method for your child. E.g., kinesthetic, visual, audio, etc.

3. They can help you choose and acquire all the necessary materials and teaching supplies.

4 A private educator can help you assess your child’s abilities and weaknesses by testing them.

5. A homeschool educator can also play the role of childcare.

6. They keep an individual portfolio for each child.

7. They organize and supervise all field trips for your children.

8. Notably, a private educator gives you reports about your children’s progress and teaching improvement and advises you on where you should be involved.

What should I look for when hiring a private educator?

1. It would help if you looked for an educator with suitable qualifications and experience in teaching. Besides looking at their papers, you can also ask for reviews from past clients.

2. Besides expertise qualities, they should be confident and resonates easily with students.

3. A good educator should be energetic, passionate, and effective in their work.

4. It would help if you also looked out for someone willing to support your child regardless of their capabilities and progress.

5. Lastly, you should hire someone who can comfortably utilize modern learning methods.

How do I determine if I need a private educator to support my homeschooling children?

If you are too busy:  You can hire a private educator if you lack time and energy to keep track of your children’s education needs and personal needs.
If you lack the required expertise: You don’t need to be an expert to be a homeschool parent because you can outsource a teacher. Kids on the Yard educators can support your children regardless of their academic needs.

If you worry too much: You can hire a private educator if you are worried about your child’s performance in specific subjects or when you lack the expertise to help them with specific issues.

You want to improve your child’s academic performance: An education expert can help your child attain the highest possible grades and improve their chances of success.

If you want your child to experience in-person inspiration, you can hire an in-person educator if you feel your child is disconnecting with you or when they only interact with virtual people on a screen. In addition, an in-person tutor can improve your child’s self-esteem, especially among younger children who may require more human interaction.

You have a child with special needs: You can hire a private educator when homeschooling a child with special needs since you may lack the required experience to help them learn. In addition, some children with special needs are easily distracted, making it hard to attend to them when dealing with other duties.

You want your child to be more engaged: Your child may not like a particular subject or topic, or they may not be getting it right. You can overcome such problems by hiring professionals that can make learning fun and interesting. While it can be fun to teach your children subjects that they are familiar with, it can be disastrous to introduce a topic that you are unfamiliar with, hence the need for an educator.

Last but not least! You can hire a private educator to support your children when you want them to engage more in hands-on activities. Most children, especially the unmotivated ones, embrace this form of learning.

Parting Shot:

If your family decides to add an educator to your homeschooling setup, rest assured that the experience will be more enriched if parents have done their homework first. Kids on the Yard solutions make your family’s experience of homeschooling easy. We can help acquire an excellent private educator at an affordable fee. We assure you of a teacher with a backing of a team of experts and a Personal Education Plan that complements what you teach at home.

Our first step at, Kids on the Yard is a 30-minute session with our educational team to assist parents with narrowing down what they might specifically be looking for with homeschooling. This session allows parents to discuss and ask questions with a real teacher freely. We offer parents an organic conversation to see if additional support works for your homeschool family. If anything, within 30 minutes, you’ll walk away feeling like you met someone awesome and have a better idea of what you would like your village to look like for the coming school year.

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