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No Time in your Life for a Tutor?

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 “Where there is a will, there is a way” (Old English Proverb).

My mom was fond of saying that her to-do list never ended.  Sometimes I wondered if she ever slept since we went to bed before her, and in the morning, we would be awoken by her voice calling, “everyone downstairs! Breakfast is ready!  Now that I have grown up, I can attest that it is not easy to maintain a work\life balance, spend time with your family, and manage after-school activities. Though your children’s academic success is a significant priority, your busy schedule could be hindering you from finding them the right tutor. 

Here is how you can create time for a tutor even as you juggle with the other commitments:

Search for a Tutor in the Right Places

Finding a tutor who fully understands your child’s curriculum can successfully support their needs. One barrier to getting the right tutor is a complicated or long hiring process.  The process can be time-consuming, expensive, and tedious when searching for a private tutor compared to hiring from a tutoring company.  It is also possible that the tutor that meets your needs is too expensive. Rather than looking for a private tutor, search for a tutor from credible tutoring companies. The process is much more straightforward, effective, and affordable compared to the former.

Create a Consistent Schedule

It is not easy to find time for a tutor when your schedule is packed to the brim. As such, you should restructure, create time and establish a new routine.  Creating a consistent routine and altering your daily commitments will make it possible to have tutoring sessions for your child. A timetable and delegation of duties can help to handle your long to-do list.  Planning limits disruption to your daily routine and facilitates enough tutoring time

Let go a Commitment

Just like you, your child should reschedule and possibly drop some commitments. Help them understand the need for tutoring and why they should reduce their school activities. Please encourage your child to drop some commitments to prioritize their academic work, even for a short while.  Rather than juggle several activities, you can help your child choose a single action they enjoy the most. Ensure that the students understand that tutoring is not some form of punishment and can be fun.

Take Advantage of Flexible Schedules at Work

One way to accommodate and have time for a tutor is by taking advantage of “flex” work-time policies.  It would help if you took advantage of these policies since they are pretty supportive of childcare. For example, you can plan with your partner to work at home during the afternoon hours to be available during your child’s tutoring session. You could also discuss with your employer how you can have flexible working hours without omitting your responsibilities at work. Ensure that the tutoring program does not conflict with your other obligations or work productivity.

Shared Responsibilities with other Family Members

Balancing the entire family’s needs and schedule can be overwhelming, especially when a single person carries all the responsibilities.  You should sit with your partner or other family members and discuss the best way to share errands, commitments, and to-dos that consume most of your time. The trade-off, out-source and delegate some tasks and take turns on others to have enough time for a tutor.

Have you asked for Help?

My mum barely asked for help; she believed we were all her responsibility. That was back then; now, we are in the 21st century, in a fast-moving world and in a time when more women have embraced career lives.  Every parent deserves a dependable friend, relative, neighbor, or babysitter. Have a person you can call when you are running late to attend to your child’s needs. You can also designate another adult to accompany your child when your partner is not around during the tutoring session. Remember that a tutor’s duty is to help your child improve academically but not to babysit them.

WE got YOU!

At Kids on the Yard, we simplify your hiring process by connecting you to the best tutors at a favorable rate. Our tutors are not only highly experienced; they also build strong, personal relationships with their students and families. We ensure during hiring that a tutor has knowledge of the subject matter, and can communicate it effectively, has a teacher certification, has passed a background check, is authorized to work in the USA, and has classroom experience.

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