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Do Uniforms Improve School Life for Kids? PRO/CONS

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If you went through a public school, you were more likely not to wear a school uniform. According to National Center for Education data, about 22% of public schools in the US require school uniforms. While some people are in support of children wearing school uniforms, others are against it.  Proponents of school uniforms love how they reduce social-economical disparities, allowing children to focus more on their studies.  Opponents believe that uniforms infringe the rights of students to express their individuality. 

Despite the ongoing debate, more and more public schools in the US are adopting school uniforms today. Schools that embrace wearing school uniforms argue that they promote inclusion and improve students’ focus on studies. The lingering question on this debate is whether the school uniforms policy brings inclusion in class or improves focus. Also, does the policy interfere with students’ expression of personality? While we may not have direct answers to these questions, we have some views from both proponents and opponents of the debate.


  • School Uniforms Remove Class Barriers in a Classroom

According to the proponents of this debate, wearing school uniforms makes it hard to differentiate between students from economically stable families and financially struggling families. Markers between wealthy and unserved children are also eliminated or significantly decreased by wearing school uniforms while also reducing the burden of buying more clothes for schooling. Without these distinctions, social mixing among students from varying backgrounds increases, while inferiority complex or feelings of worthlessness reduce or are eliminated.

  • School Uniforms Help Student to Focus on Studies

People in support of school uniforms argue that they help students focus on their studies since there are no competitive designs or fashions that can be distracting. In addition, the proponents believe that students save a lot of their mental energy by wearing uniforms. Students also devote less time deciding what to wear when going to school with a school uniform. Therefore, increasing their time for study and emotional distraction. This argument is nevertheless not supported by enough evidence, thus making it weak.

  • School Uniforms Formulate a School Community and Culture

School uniforms play a significant role in building a school community and culture despite the ages of the students. School Alumni associate and bond with the school due to the oneness and culture due to school uniforms.  Schools are identified by the colors of their uniforms, making it easy to spot students even when they are out of the school compound: This brings us to the point of security.

  • School Uniforms Enhance Students’ Security

School uniforms play a significant role in improving students’ security.  Teachers feel secure in outdoor activities since they can easily trace students, especially when with other people. A child in school uniform also gets more attention outside and can quickly be helped when in trouble. It is also impossible for a student in school uniform to be mistaken by police as part of gang affiliation.


  • School Uniforms are Expensive

Opponents of school uniforms state that buying school uniforms to some parents is expensive than buying store-bought clothes. Uniform prices remain high due to high demand and limited suppliers. Some families also struggle to buy all the uniform items, including dresses, shoes, blazers, etc.

  • School Uniforms Limit Students’ Freedom of Expression

Opponents of school uniforms argue that school uniforms limit students from self-expression.  They prevent them from expressing their fashion, art, music, taste, and emotions through cloth and hair designs, among other styles.  Denying students’ freedom of expression makes the school an unpleasant place for students.


As a parent, it’s most probable you are by now familiar with some of the arguments mentioned above. However, the use of school uniforms is gaining popularity and fast increasing in US schools today. Contact our team of experts for advice and clarity over the issue of school uniforms.

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