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Why You Should Care (A Lot) About a School’s Curriculum

Why You Should Care (A Lot) About a School’s Curriculum, Student lady with a heap of textbooks and notebooks

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If you want to know a person’s character, look at their friends. If you want to know a school, look at its curriculum.  A school’s curriculum says a lot about the level and type of education it offers and its objectives about your child’s overall growth. The problem begins if you don’t know what makes a curriculum good. In case you have no idea what makes up a good curriculum, do not worry because you are just one among many other parents. You are also forgiven if you have no idea what a curriculum is and why it is crucial to your child.


A curriculum is a standard-based series of planned experiences that offer students practice and proficiency in applied learning skills and content. It acts as the primary guide for educators on what to teach and deliver so that students can access more educational benefits. The curriculum’s organization, considerations, and structure determine how students learn and receive instruction. A good curriculum should include goals, materials, methods, and assessments that support learning and instruction. Your child requires an excellent curriculum over a mediocre one to succeed both in school and in general life.


The future depend of what you do today

A good curriculum meets every individual learner’s needs rather than offering generalized content.

It actively involves educators and parents during its formulation, making it democratic and cohesive.

A good curriculum is built around clear objectives and goals that aim at providing whole-child growth and education.

It is built on high expectations provided by education experts and thorough in the undertaking.

A good curriculum is also dynamic and meets the needs of the learners and the society at large, considering different cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs.

A good curriculum builds on learning experiences and allows continuity as learners grow and progress through different levels of education.

A good curriculum is flexible and allows regular evaluation and revision whenever necessary. A rigid curriculum that does not adjust to fit in arising changes is not fit for your child.

Besides academic proficiency, a good curriculum cultivates students’ skills, attitudes, and interests, something that prepares them for career life.

Last but not least, a good curriculum is responsible for learners’ personality development through the inclusion of social-emotional learning.


Curriculum research conducted a few years ago confirmed that a well-formulated curriculum contributes significantly to students’ academic success. It would help if you cared a lot about the school curriculum since students gain a lot academically and in general life when exposed to an excellent curriculum. On the other hand, a mediocre curriculum can lead to negative results.  For example, a teach-to-the-test curriculum can be quite demoralizing and dull to students.  Also, a curriculum that is not culturally sensitive does not consider the school community, is racist, or is not acquainted with the 21st-century students can lead to poor performance of students.  The curriculum should not be a one-and-done initiative, but rather it should be flexible and accommodating to fit the needs of every child.

It would be best if you also cared about a school curriculum because it affects your child and society at large. The type of curriculum a school uses can affect children and the community negatively or positively.

A good curriculum considers all internal and external factors and includes all students despite their backgrounds. It also positively impacts learners while also helping instructors and teachers to deliver quality content. The arrangement of a curriculum is as important just as its content.  Always ensure that the curriculum of your choice provides possible solutions to societal problems and life complexities and that it will offer your child the proper education content.


There is a popular notion that the execution of good education is primarily the responsibility of schools. The truth is that for your child to receive an excellent education, you will require to collaborate with teachers and other community members. It is the responsibility of parents and communities to ensure that schools develop inclusive curriculums that appropriately meet the needs of 21st-century learners.

Now that you know that you are a significant partaker in your child’s education process ensure that you have the correct information.  

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