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Stay Positive – Stay Healthy

Stay Positive - Stay Healthy

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“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” Jon Kabat-Zinn

The term “positivity” is gaining popularity in today’s world. Still, not everyone understands it and knows its impact on our health, day-to-day quality of life, and overall well-being.  To stay positive is to be self-aware and in touch with our feelings but, most notably, our thoughts. The power of positivity is prevalent in today’s world as more people are beginning to believe they can rise above obstacles which is a beautiful thing. A positive person does not dwell on fear and is convinced that things will work out for the best despite their challenges. They also accept criticism and know that most of the things happening to them are not personal. Therefore, regardless of situations and circumstances in your life, you can embrace positivity!

🌱 Our Founder’s Life’s Motto, Sarah Katrina Maruani

🌳 Life, is happening for us, not against us! There’s no “bad” just process to the other side of our tunnel where our Light and joy waits for us to get there.

What are the Benefits of Positive Thinking on Health?

Though positive thinking is not a natural occurrence but something that you have to work on, it has numerous benefits both to your mind and body.  According to Mayo Clinic, staying positive has innumerable benefits to your health that include the following:

  • Improves health and life longevity
  • Reduces  depression rates
  • Reduces distress  levels
  • Improves your physical and psychological well-being.
  • Improves cardiovascular health and minimizes rates related to cardiovascular disease.
  • Improves coping skills during stressful moments and hardships.
  • How Do You Stay Positive?

    No doubt we are living at a time that is full of distressful events. Besides Covid-19, there is terrible news, including fires, floss, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, aliens, and the murder of hornets, among other adverse events. It is not easy to remain positive since these occurrences contribute to increased anxiety, depression, uncertainty, and stress. However, you can stay positive by observing the following measures, regardless of what you are going through.


    You cannot stay positive if you spend most of your time on social media and news channels feeding yourself gloom and doom reporting.  How about you mute or block social media trolls and check on headlines once or twice per day? This way, you will free yourself from excessive negativity.


    If you are constantly scrolling your tablet or phone, search and feed yourself with positive content. This may include music, encouraging spoken words, poetry, artistic work, and humor.  Only follow content that uplifts your spirit and that positively distracts you. While computer screens and Televisions are full of draining content, uplifting and funny content can improve your mindset and drift it to positivity.


    An idle mind can create empty space in the soul. Whether you spend a lot of time at home and maybe alone, it is essential to keep yourself busy. Besides going for shopping expeditions and groceries, you can incorporate exercise and walks into your daily routine. You can also pick up a new hobby to fill in for your idle time. Excessive sedentary time can cause you to sink into depression.


    It is pretty easy to pull away from people, especially when you are going through a challenge.  Nevertheless, it would help if you did not let yourself or your children be fully isolated from people. While you don’t have to have many friends, it is good to find someone you trust and with whom you can share your feelings and thoughts.  Always communicate and encourage your children to do the same when going through challenges.  You can also encourage them to write down their feelings or talk to their teachers about their issues.


    Sleep is a vital tool for staying positive since it affects both your physical and emotional well-being.  It enables your body to repair and your mind to unwind, giving you the strength to face another day. Unfortunately, there are nevertheless occasions when a person becomes restless at night, resulting in sleep loss.  Cleveland Clinic provides various tips for people that are struggling with sleep. Click here to access that information.

    Parting Shot:

    Positive living and a positive attitude go hand-in-hand.  Fortunately, any person can learn how to live a positive life.  To stay positive, you will need to separate the negative from the positive. While you cannot eliminate negative occurrences in your life, you can focus only on positive ones. These tips are not just good for you; they are also effective for your children.  As they say, practice what you preach! If you want your child to live a positive life, you will require doing the same.

    Coaches for our LIFE: Kids on the Yard Life Coaching

    We all need someone to push us alongside life, and our life coaches are there not just to help us set goals but to create a life where achieving our goals and sustaining our dreams and goals are possible! We have purpose and meaning, and our spirit and soul have so much to offer no matter where you are in life!

    Hear that again, NO matter your starting point, there’s a way to create, rebuild and move forward every day!

    Great change starts small! ~Sarah Katrina Maruani

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