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Why Attend a Math Virtual Summer Camp 2022?

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Why is it essential to attend a Math Summer Camp this year?

So many children experience academic reversals over the long summer break. The learning loss, also known as the “summer slide,” occurs due to a lack of regular practice of academic skills gained in the previous school year.

Math is the most affected subject by the “summer slide” compared to reading and other related topics. According to research, children can lose between 25 to 50% of their school year’s progress in Math if they don’t engage in practice during the summer break. It is more probable for children to continue reading during the summer than for them to continue practicing Math skills.

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Math is the most affected subject by the “summer slide” compared to reading and other subjects.

Math improves a child’s problem solving, research, and analytical skills, and therefore learning loss in the subject can cause a considerable learning gap. A math virtual summer camp can help to prevent this from happening. It is also an excellent place to spark and stimulate your child’s passion and interest in math.

5 Benefits of Attending a Math Summer Camp:

1. It Makes Learning Math Fun:

Learning math from a virtual summer camp is a different experience from learning it in a regular classroom. Math virtual summer camps make learning fun by letting students engage in science games and engineering activities showing how math applies in real-life situations. Students also learn through teamwork, solving puzzles, and observing mathematic patterns in their environment.

Students participating in summer virtual math camps are fun and engaging practices rather than sitting at a desk for hours with repetitive lessons and a strict curriculum.   They engage in games and activities that teach them to apply math in real-world situations.

The instructors are professionals in STEM careers, and therefore, they understand how mastering word problems or fun puzzles applies in the real world. They help learners make lasting connections with math topics they learn while in active physical motion. The math insight gained during the camp affects the overall learning of students.

2. Math Virtual Summer Camps Improve Learners’ Responsibilities:

A math virtual summer camp provides your child with an opportunity to work while away from you. In the camps, they learn new math skills, improve on previous ones, meet new friends and gain other valuable life experiences.

The kids are thrown into unfamiliar situations with no one to guide them. Therefore, they must be fully responsible, such as knowing how to collaborate with peers about topics and teamwork on projects. They often bring these habits to everyday life, boosting their organization and time management skills.

Math virtual summer camps, among other camps, also teach students to be resilient. They learn in an unfamiliar environment, meet new people, and are asked to accomplish complex tasks. Dealing with all these situations can be stressful for your child, but slowly they adjust and build resilience. By the end of the camp, they take home valuable life skills as they learn to handle challenges.

3. Make New Friends:

Besides learning and improving in math, math virtual summer camps give students an excellent platform to learn how to interact with strangers and make new friends. They bring students with the same interests together, making it easy to interact and form friendships. Meeting like-minded people can broaden learners’ horizons and boosts their confidence.

With the guidance and help of counselors, students learn how to collaborate with peers, handle social challenges, and resolve conflicts. They also know to work as a team and may develop leadership skills. In addition, some friendships formed in the summer camps last a lifetime, and the network can survive in college and beyond.

4. Build Confidence:

Children who attend Math Virtual summer camp find themselves with strangers whom they are expected to work with them from the start. They also engage in unfamiliar activities that test their intelligence and talents. Campers also participate in advanced math competitions and contests that stretch their capabilities.

The good news is that your child works with skilled instructors who help them through the challenges. By the end of the camp, the students can accomplish things they previously thought were out of their reach. In addition, once they find success in the camp, they automatically become more confident in all areas of their lives than before.

5. Develops a Passion:

Math virtual summer camp may seem like weeks of fun rather than learning, something that broadens a learner’s horizons. Children enjoy and appreciate math after the camp and may begin to give it more focus than before. They also become better at problem-solving and more eager to tackle academic challenges. The camp can trigger a life-long passion for math.

Further, students who excel in math contests and competitions will realize that their effort is recognized during college applications and career growth. Students demonstrate competence by reaching a higher potential and excelling in the games.

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Summer camps are fun because they integrate learning and playing.


What to expect in math virtual summer camps?

Boost your math skills, make new friends, and have a great time in a fun and educational camp. Work on math problems, play math-focused games, solve riddles and puzzles, learn new tricks to problem-solving, and mostly a lot of fun.

Why should you consider a math virtual summer camp?

Finding a Math virtual summer camp or any other summer camp is beneficial in so many ways. First, summer learning camps teach our children independence in a small group setting. Therefore, attending virtual camps can be a milestone in their lives. While some kids may have concerns about meeting new friends, the process will only last shortly before they get absorbed in camp activities.

With the correct math virtual summer camp, your child will have fun while reaping educational benefits. It allows them to enjoy many games that act as learning tools. What’s more interesting than learning new skills outdoors? Your child experiences things they could not have experienced before, developing a passion for learning.

Math virtual summer camps are beneficial to elementary school children. They teach them teamwork, leadership, and cooperation. Your child can easily ask for help and offer assistance whenever possible by the end of the camp. You will notice that team-driven projects in school will be more accessible for them to handle, they get better math skills and enjoy improved social skills. Notably, the skills learned in the camp will serve them through elementary school and beyond.

How does the math Virtual summer camp work?

Your child attending a math virtual summer camp is very different from sending them to school. The two have nothing in common. Children in virtual summer camps do more than take notes on the blackboard or listen to an instructor. Besides taking tests and completing worksheets, they learn in a friendly environment and fun way. The camps change students’ experience in math by taking it out of the box. Math concepts are taught through exercises, games, and whimsical physical activities.

Instructors in math camps also incorporate teamwork in creative ways. Children can showcase their math skills and apply them in ways that are never considered in a traditional classroom. In addition, the learners get excited about math due to the friendly competition they experience through games and contests. Such activities also encourage teamwork, cooperation, and hard work.

Math virtual summer camp activities give students feelings of confidence, accomplishment, and success. They also help learners to develop a love for math. While Math accomplishments in a regular classroom mean good grades, it means prizes, thrilled teammates, and lasting memories at math summer camp.

Note: If your child is not a fan of mathematics, it might take some time to convenience them to sign up for a math camp. However, if they agree to join the camp, they will surely change their perspective on the subject.

How do you find a good math virtual summer camp?

There are so many summer camps that selecting the best for your child can be tricky. Do as much research as you can about different camps before selecting. Pay attention to where the camp is held and the safety measures for children.
Determine the camps’ activities, and gauge whether the sports, activities, or games align with your child’s liking. There is a camp for every level, subject, taste, and location. The correct math summer camp should be worth your money and your kid’s time attending it.

What fun math activities can my child engage in to beat the summer slide?

1. Practice Math Skills Daily:
You can help your child beat the math summer slide by devoting time every day to math practices. Encourage the entire family to participate in the math program to make it enjoyable. You can give the child open-minded questions in a format of a calendar.
Have your child pick activities from the calendar to complete daily during the summer vacation. Then, they can do the tasks with items available at home. This way, they will have fun and enjoy doing math.

2. Play Math Games:
You will agree with me that students love math games. Your child can learn math through cards games that are inexpensive and easy to use. Play card games daily to reinforce their math skills such as subtraction, place value, and multiplication.

3. Keep a Math Journal:
A math journal encourages children to reflect on their mathematical abilities and grow their understanding of different concepts.
Journaling can help your child reflect on their mathematical skills and develop a love or interest in the subject. Have your child write about their experience and observations in math at least once a week or daily. They can write, take a picture or draw what inspired them to do the math.

4. Take Math Hike:
Take a math hike to find different geometric shapes in the neighborhood bush or forest. Estimate the angles of leaves or branches and then use the protractor to find out the correct answer. Measure elements like temperature’s lows and highs, the amount of rainfall, and the growth rate of plants. These activities are pretty fun and, at the same time, knowledgeable.

5. Download Math Apps:
Many children access tablets, Smartphones, and other devices at home. You can engage your child in math activities by downloading age-appropriate math apps. Use the math apps to provide instant opportunities for fun and learning.
 You can access different types of Apps on Google covering different kinds of activities. Encourage your child to use these Apps with friends and other family members to enjoy the activities more.

Final Thought:

Consider Kids on the Yard Viturl summer camps if you want your child to avoid the dreaded “summer slide” in math. While our education plan may not allow your child to visit the lake and woods physically, we can guarantee exciting moments and improvement in their math skills through our virtual math summer camp.

Our teams of instructors provide thorough and fun instructional videos combined with physical workbooks, making our programs very competitive. As a result, we can assure you that your child will go back to school with the proper knowledge and know-how they require to succeed by the end of the camp.

Check out the following website for more information about our summer camps:

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