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How do you Fit Tutoring into Your Busy Household?

Mom how to Fit Tutoring into Your Busy Household?

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Being a parent in today’s fast-paced modern world is not easy, let alone fitting in a tutoring program. While your house may be a whirlwind of activities, you still have a responsibility for your child’s education.  Through tutoring, your child makes progress in areas they have been struggling in and helps to bridge existing learning gaps.  However, a busy household can distract smooth tutoring, not to mention that your child may feel left out as other family members engage in other activities. Here are tips to fit tutoring into your already busy schedule.

Designate a Tutoring Spot

Tutoring provides your child with an opportunity to interact with a certified educator directly. According to, even young children benefit from a tutor’s services to develop their basic skills such as vocabulary, working with numbers, and problem-solving. Besides helping your child catch up with covered subjects, tutoring also offers them extra assistance to complete school assignments, understand the content they have been struggling with and handle varying learning disorders. To teach and assist your child effectively, tutors require enough conducive room and sufficient supplies. A good learning place provides stability and structure for effective learning.  Ensure that other kids in the family understand that tutoring time is essential and should be respected.

Establish Quiet Hours in the House

The tutoring session is most successful when conducted in a quiet and serene environment. You can achieve this by establishing “quiet time” within the household.  Encourage other children to engage in quiet activities such as imaginative play, homework, or reading. Discourage simulation and loud games when one of the kids is studying since it can be distracting.   Kids can also have time away from their phones and television during “quiet time.” Creating a time of quiet and lesser activities within the house during tutoring sessions can help your child sustain interest and focus on their study. Importantly other kids in the family get an opportunity to engage in productive activities such as reading or doing their homework.

Encourage Outdoor Games for the Other Kids

If “quiet time” is not practical in your household, you can send your kids outside for outdoor games and activities. Outdoor activities are vital since they provide your kids with ample time to explore, burn more energy and become more creative. The activities are also associated with multiple wellness and health benefits to children. What’s more? There is a connection between outdoor games and activities with improved school performance. Kids also become more sociable, get enhanced sleep quality and develop more creativity when exploring outdoor games and activities. Once the kids are outside, the household will be quiet, allowing the child under the tutoring program to concentrate more, master more content and connect better with the tutor.

Work Closely with the Tutor

It would be best to work closely with the tutor despite your busy schedule.  Discuss what breaks will look like, how long they will take, and what the child should access during the holiday. For example, you should agree on whether your child can use the phone during the breaks or not. Also, find out what tutors consider effective in a learning environment and work hard to create one.  You should further discuss boundaries and the best rewards for your child to encourage them to work harder. Importantly, let the tutor know where you will be during the tutoring sessions since your presence in the room can distract the learner. Lastly, encourage your child to respect all the set rules to make the tutors work easy and the session successful.

Create Family Time         

While tutoring is engaging, productive, and vital to your child, it is extra time away from the family.  To ensure that your child does not feel left out, create and emphasize family time after the tutoring session. Family time is vital since it helps students transition from work to being a kid.  It does not matter the amount of time you set aside for a family reunion as long as it is quality. Importantly, you can informally discuss your child’s studies during the family time session.  This time will allow them to talk freely about their needs and learning challenges.


Our certified state educators at Kids on the Yard are well trained and experienced in offering students quality education regardless of their environment. In addition, we provide effective tutoring services online. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about making your busy household a good learning environment for your child.

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