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How to Create an Elementary School Memory Book

How to Create an Elementary School Memory Book from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Did you capture their happiest or proudest moment in school?, sweet memories

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How to Create an Elementary School Memory Book

No doubt childhood years fly! But, your child’s elementary education is ending, and they will be graduating from high school before you know it!

Do you remember the mixed reactions you had as your child joined kindergarten? How about their responses on their first day in school? Did you capture their happiest or proudest moment in school? If you don’t pause for a while, record these memories and become organized, these days will slip by, and you will forget them.

How to Create an Elementary School Memory Book from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Did you capture their happiest or proudest moment in school?, sweet memories

It is okay if you did not capture all your elementary schooler’s memories in a document or video. However, by creating a memory book, you can help them reflect on their past experiences and retrieve some of their best moments. It is exciting to take your child down memory lane to help them see how far they have come over the years as you prepare them for the future.

 “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Looking through past photos, recalling each elementary school year, and talking about the past will cause your child to understand their growing milestone. There are so many formats and materials that you can use depending on your creativity while creating a memory book.

Below we show you how to create a memory book for your child.

What you’ll need:

  • A pencil or a pen
  • Abound notebook or pencil.
  •  Photos of your child taken in school or within the elementary schooling period
  • Art supplies  for painting or drawing
  • Glue or tape
  • Mementos or paper souvenirs
  • Decorative items, stickers, or gems to stick on the book
  • Stapler and staples, or a three-ring binder.

How to do it:

  • Come up with relevant questions that will help your child brainstorm about their elementary school journey.
  •  Use the questions to prompt their memories and thoughts
  • Determine your child’s feelings and integrate them into the memory book.
  • Guide them to create a memory book through application or photos, arts, drawing, and crafts.
  • Integrate class experience with other memories
  •  Your child should write the memory book in the way that they desire. For example, they can describe a specific memory and surround it with photos, doodles, decorations, and drawings.

Elementary School Years:

Consider having at least a page for every elementary school year.


  • Do you remember your first day in kindergarten? How was the experience?
  • What was the best moment in kindergarten?
  • Do you remember your kindergarten teacher? How about your best friend?

1st grade

  • What do you remember about your first-grade teacher?
  • What is your favorite moment in the first grade?
  • Do you remember anything unpleasant about 1st grade that you want to share?

2nd grade

  • How would you describe 2nd grade?
  • What was your funniest moment in second grade?
  • Did you have a favorite book in second grade?
  • Did you have a favorite sport or activity in second grade? 

3rd grade

  • Do you remember any project you enjoyed in grade 3?
  •  Did you have any dreams in 3rd grade?
  • What were you good at in grade 3?
  • How was your recess time in 3rd grade?

4th grade

  • Do you remember any trips you went on in grade 4? Tell us about it.
  • Who was your favorite teacher in grade 4?
  •  What was your best moment in grade 4? 

5th grade

  • Do you have any challenging moments in grade 5?
  •  What about your favorite moments in this class?
  •  What is your greatest accomplishment in elementary school
Celebrating with my the best friends? How to Create an Elementary School Memory Book from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Did you capture their happiest or proudest moment in school?, sweet memories
Celebrating with my the best friends

The Memory Book Should Also Include the Following:

About me:

This section is primarily the starter of the memory book. Before responding to questions about their favorite things and goals, your child describes themselves in five words.


Let your child talk about things they love outside school. They can include hobbies and favorite activities.

Terrific Teacher:

Let your child reflect on the experiences they have had with their teachers. Then, they can speak about their favorite teacher and what they will miss about them.

Coolest Class:

Ask your child to draw their classroom before asking them to describe the best parts of it. Then, ask them to share about favorite things, spots, charts, etc.

Best Friends:

Please help your child reflect on their friends and the best moments they spent with their friends. This section is a lot of fun since it includes friend memories and things they say and do together.

A Day in my Life:

Your child will share their daily life routine on this page. Help them share what they do in school, from morning through evening.

I have grown!

 Students will share things they have learned and their growth in each subject. Let your child brag about their progress in each topic! Looking back at how far they have come will help them reflect on their past and give them the confidence to face future learning.

What is Next?

On this page, ask your child to share what they are excited about for the coming academic year. Please encourage them to share their fears too about joining the middle school.

Signature Page:

A signature page will make your memory book complete. So let them share signatures and write cute messages to one another on this page.

Tips to have an excellent memory book:

  • Have a combination of pictures, including school photos and drawings.
  • Please encourage your child to build and use their avatar to enhance their memory book.
  • Have a special message from the teacher (Written or audio). No doubt, a surprise message from the teacher will cause your child to grin.

Why is a memory book at the end of elementary school important

  • A memory book provides your child an opportunity to celebrate the end of an era.
  • It allows them to share information about their school experience with loved ones.
  • It boosts your child’s communication, arts and crafts, social-emotional, and writing skills.
  • A memory book helps your child see and appreciate where they have come from and prepares for it.
  • It makes them remember fun moments in the classroom and outside, which helps them develop a positive attitude towards life.
  • It is worthwhile to create a memory book since it relives exciting feelings about learning and helps celebrate bonds formed in schools.
  • It gives students a good keepsake of their school years.
  • The reflection of the elementary years will bring an excellent closure to your child, causing them to be ready for middle school learning.

Parting Shot:

An elementary school memory book is a fantastic keepsake for your child and the family that brings a moment of celebration about learning, milestones, and life. In addition, it enhances learners’ creativity as it causes them to reflect on their growth and experiences on an academic and personal level.

Please follow the above steps to help your child come up with a fantastic memory book.

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