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10 Impactful Benefits of Virtual Summer Camps:

Impactful Benefits of Virtual Summer Camps, Smart and cheerful child learning, online classes,However, the good news is that summer camps have gone VIRTUAL!,Why an online camp is a great activity, How to Achieve Virtual Summer School Advantages, Summer Fun Spotlight

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10 Impactful Benefits of Virtual Summer Camps:

Summer camps are popular among children of all ages. They promise enjoyable educational activities and exclusive experiences. A virtual summer camp is a vital resource that helps campers be active, meet other children, and have a lot of fun! In addition, they provide learners of all ages a platform to connect and socialize with new friends without the need to leave their homes. While kids don’t meet face to face in the virtual summer camps, they can recreate most of these educational opportunities on a digital platform. They also learn new skills and explore their creativity in different categories, including creative writing, Music, and Art & crafts.

The most important thing we learn at school is the fact that the most important things can’t be learned at school.” – Haruki Murakami.

Kindergartener video chatting with friends, Impactful Benefits of Virtual Summer Camps, Smart and cheerful child learning, online classes,However, the good news is that summer camps have gone VIRTUAL!,Why an online camp is a great activity, How to Achieve Virtual Summer School Advantages, Summer Fun Spotlight

1. Virtual Summer Camps Helps Students to Develop Special Interests:

 It is difficult for students to develop a new interest due to commitment to academic activities during the school year. Virtual summer camps help them engage and develop new interests they would not participate in during a regular school year. For example, your child chooses a new hobby or activity virtually and continues to explore it even after the end of the summer camp. The activities can include various cultural activities, workshops, and various sports.

2. They Inspire Judgment-Free Activity:

Children at virtual summer camps don’t have to worry about a failing grade. There is only the chance to try out new activities and improve on what they know. Children’s creativity grows when failure is not an option. Virtual summer camps promote creativity since their priority is not for children to get a good grade or improve their scores on a test. At Kids on the Yard, we are keen on helping students flourish and develop new skills without being judged. Programs like creative writing, digital storytelling, and video game-making aim to grow creativity.

3. Enhances Confidence:

It is impossible for your child to be happy and well-adjusted if they are not confident about their abilities. Self-esteem and self-confidence are significant components in the classroom, career life, and overall human life. Summer camps help students increase their self-confidence by allowing them to overcome challenges, develop skills and try new things in a caring and supportive platform. The activities and crafts that your child learns from virtual summer camps boost their confidence, a significant necessity in excelling academically.

Children who feel confident about themselves have higher self-esteem. In addition, the virtual summer camps provide many opportunities for your child to contribute to meaningful activities, which makes them feel good about themselves. Find virtual summer camps that meet your child’s interest and that can develop their knowledge base for better results. Enhancement of confidence through virtual summer camp enrollment will help your child be a successful, strong, and better-functioning adult.

4. Enhances Socialization and Networking:

A virtual summer camp can help your child participate, connect and socialize with new friends as they participate in their favorite activities. This is because like-minded peers build connections fast, and in this case, they build relationships in a virtual set-up. All the activities are done manually, allowing your child to enjoy them at home. Help your child find people with interests like theirs by enrolling them in one of our virtual summer camps.

5. Promotes Independence:

A virtual summer camp can help your child spend quality time away from you. Time spent working virtually and interacting with a new friend helps them build a sense of independence and identity. They become self-reliant as they explore their interests and discover their strengths and weaknesses. 

Children in virtual summer camps become more independent and self-sufficient as they grow up, rather than always depending on parents or teachers. The promotion of independence also boosts your child’s self-esteem. To raise independent children, teach them responsibility, encourage exploration and provide a safe environment—kids on the Yard’s visual summer camp natures all the elements mentioned above.

6. Provides Kids Opportunity to Develop New Skills:

Virtual summer camps allow children and teens to develop a more excellent dive into new subjects and activities that schools usually don’t offer. Allow your child to choose topics of interest and watch them immerse fully into learning. Children learning during summer are most likely to get out of their comfort zone since they are not worried about exams or a strict school curriculum. At Kids on the Yard, we offer exciting subjects in our virtual summer programs, including creative writing, reading, science, etc.

7. Keeps your Child Intellectually Engaged:

You are most likely worried about the summer slide, considering that your child will be away from school for almost three months. Unfortunately, a lack of mental stimulation during summer vacation can significantly cause children to lose knowledge and academic skills.

The good news is that summer camps keep your child’s brain working. Rather than spending the entire day watching television or playing video games, enroll them in virtual learning programs where they will have fun and also learn. Summer camps don’t just teach formal subjects learned in school; they also allow students to learn other skills such as movie-making, baking, video game coding, debate, website creation, playwriting, chess, and more! Such programs help students to enjoy the vacation while also stimulating their brains.

8. Provides Controlled Schedules:

A virtual summer camp can be an excellent option for your child, especially if they get bored quickly, thrive in social places, and need constant stimulation. Following a structured schedule for the summer break period will provide them with a sense of order and familiar structure. Additionally, it gives parents a break and time to attend to other activities. Indeed, letting another person plan and guide your child’s day provides you some free time to unwind.

9. Grows New Perspective:

A child learns a lot through connecting with others on a virtual summer camp. The learning platform provides them with a wealth of fun, ideas and possibilities, and a dynamic atmosphere. Through this platform, your child can begin to comprehend subjects or topics they struggled with before.

10. Makes Lasting Memories:

A virtual summer camp can be fun, leaving your child with unforgettable memories. The learned skills remain with them for the rest of their lives, while the new friendships and socializations create memorable moments. So enroll your child with us for extraordinary educational exploits!

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Why do kids and parents love virtual summer camps?

Virtual camps are interactive, often free or inexpensive, and most have a minor instruction-to-learners ratio. The campers and their counselors spend more time on one-on-one interaction, making it easy to continue mentoring them even after the camp ends. Children love virtual camps because they get to sleep longer and don’t have to commute to the camp. What’s more interesting than learning and having fun at the convenience and comfort of your home?

Children love online summer camps because they can access super-specialized topics they would not access in local camps.  For example, some STEM camps don’t exist within your locality, but you can easily access them online. They also get their day busy through the online camps, which helps them beat boredom. Lastly, children embrace virtual summer camps because they allow them to develop team-building capabilities and leadership skills and become more rounded people.

How can I encourage my child to learn during the summer?

Let them know you believe in them:  Keep reassuring your child now and then that they are doing okay and that you trust their abilities.

Read, talk, and sing with your child: Engage your child in the above activities to have fun and learn.

Involve the entire family: Involve both nuclear and extended family to encourage your child to work hard in school. You can allow them to use incentives and other motivators to encourage the child to learn.

Limit screen time: Control the amount of time your child spends watching TV  or playing a video game. Children need to engage in other activities and talk to adults to develop their language skills.

Provide them with the necessary support in learning: Always take an interest in what your child is doing in school and how they perform. Let them know the importance of education and help them to handle their struggles.

Follow-up on their homework: Always ensure that your child does homework and completes it on time. Be there for them during homework sessions, and find out what they are doing and if they require help. You should also help them set aside homework sessions and designate a conducive study area free of distraction.

Is summer break beneficial to students?

Yes. Despite putting your child at the risk of summer learning loss, the two-month summer break is beneficial to students. It provides them an opportunity to unwind and relax after a long educational experience. Summer break also brings a chance to learn and improve social skills. Learning during summer vacation is fun since it can happen anywhere, including in the park, at home, or during outings. Summer vacations also allow students to develop skills that are not taught in the classroom.

Our Final Thought:

At Kids on the Yard, we offer Live Online Summer Camps for children between 6 to 11 years. We shall help improve your child’s academic next-grade readiness with real teachers! Moreover, we can help boost your child’s learning with a week of fun virtual activities through whole group and small group learning!

Guess what? You can book your spot at a 50% discount!

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