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10 Signs That It May Be Time to Get Your Child a Tutor

10 Signs That It May Be Time to Get Your Child a Tutor

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It is frustrating for any parent to watch their child struggle with learning, experience homework meltdowns, or suffer test anxiety. Fortunately, you can solve most of these learning problems by hiring a tutor.

A good tutor should successfully help your child develop practical learning skills and confidence and improve performance in subjects they were struggling with before. They should have an in-depth knowledge of the subject your child is struggling with and successfully implement effective study strategies.

How do you tell it is time to get your child a tutor?

1. If they are consistently Underperforming

Have you noticed your child’s grades slipping gradually for a considerable time, or have you received a call from the teacher regarding your child’s dropping results? This is a significant indication that your child could need the service of a tutor.

A private tutor identifies and concentrates on your child’s area of weakness. They help the child to build knowledge and skills on challenging subjects or topics. They utilize different teaching strategies to fit your child’s specific needs. For instance, a tutor can use approaches that utilize your child’s strengths, making learning less stressful.

2. If they Procrastinate a lot

Have you noticed your child postponing their homework or studies? Do they look confused with the instructions or have trouble understanding the subject matter? If your answer is yes, you should get them a tutor. Many students procrastinate when they lack the motivation to get their work done. Many students procrastinate when they are not getting the instruction right.

Getting one-on-one support will improve their understanding of concepts they previously struggled with and motivate them to work accordingly. A tutor also helps them to close learning gaps experienced in a regular classroom and to understand complex concepts.

3. If they don’t meet Assignment Deadlines:

The problem of meeting deadlines is common among high schoolers. This is because they are expected to do more work within a much shorter time.   The large workloads in high school make it harder for learners to keep up with deadlines and remain on track with other school subjects and work.

By hiring a private tutor, your child will learn better study habits and learn to create a timetable that is easy to follow. A tutor can also help students meet deadlines by giving them self-motivation tips and helping them understand complex tasks.

4. If they have Advanced their Coursework:

Are you unable to help your child with their school work because they have advanced coursework? Don’t stress up; it is a perfect time to hire a tutor. Hiring a professional tutor for your child will ease their burden of handling complex concepts and boost their knowledge and skills.

10 Signs That It May Be Time to Get Your Child a Tutor

5. If they have a Low Self-esteem

Students experience low self-esteem for varying reasons. For example, a child may suffer from low self-esteem if they are poor in a subject or struggle with a specific topic. Hiring a private tutor can help them overcome these challenges and build their confidence again. High self-esteem is an essential skill, not just in school but in general life success.

6. If you have noticed Disorganization

Does your child come home with crumpled assignments and lost school accessories? Or have you also noticed that they have not been turning in their projects? If this is your case, hiring a tutor is a perfect time.

Disorganization can hinder your child from achieving their learning goals. It may include poor study habits and time management, which cause your child to feel overwhelmed. A tutor not only teaches kids subject matter, but they also teach them organization.

7. If they are having Meltdowns

Your child needs the help of a tutor if they are trying their best, but they keep getting worse, more frustrated, and more helpless. Getting a professional tutor will help them work out their problems, relieving frustration.

8. If they lack Confidence

Does your child regularly insist they “can’t” handle an assignment or task? Such kids don’t believe they can succeed or get anything right. A tutor can take them through step-to-step sessions until they identify and solve the problem.   You will notice that your child will regain their confidence as they continue bridging their learning gaps and overcoming their learning challenges.

9. If they Lack Enthusiasm:

Some children can’t do homework without a push, yet they do it excellently after the stimulation. A tutor can be a good resource for kids that have lost interest in learning. They help students find a personal connection with what they learn in school, which allows them to appreciate learning more. Private tutors also improve understanding enthusiasm by making learning engaging and fun and being role models of academic interests.

10. If they are Excelling in School

Many parents associate tutoring with struggling students. However, this is not always the case. Tutoring services can be used on bright students. It is an excellent resource for students who are already excelling since it helps them continue thriving. A tutor can further introduce your child to topics they are yet to cover in their grade level or class, some that boost their learning motivation.

5 Quick Facts about Tutoring

  1. Tutoring gives students unique and individualized learning experiences they can never acquire in a regular classroom.
  2. Tutors act as private teachers and offer one-on-one teaching experience.
  3. Your child’s academic performance can significantly improve when supported by a qualified tutor.
  4. Tutors teach students better study habits and time management skills applicable throughout their lives.
  5. Tutoring boosts learners’ responsibility, confidence, self-esteem, and independence.


What could be the cause of my child’s underperformance?

Bullying – Many bullied students find it hard to concentrate on their studies, causing them to perform poorly.
Learning disorder: Students with learning disorders such as dyslexia, Auditory processing disorder, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Nonverbal learning disorder, and language processing disorder, among others, may perform poorly.
Laziness: Some students are lazy and sluggish, something that hinders them from studying and preparing enough for tests.
Lack of study time: Some students never get enough time or atmosphere to conduct studies when away from school.
Poor time management: Children without proper timetables and time management skills are more likely to perform poorly.
Lack of study materials: Some families struggle to provide their children with adequate learning materials, causing their performance to drop drastically.

How can I find the right tutor for my child?

Every child has unique learning needs and unique learning styles. As such, you should look for tutoring programs that align with your child’s struggles, goals, and needs. Be honest and open about your child’s needs to get a perfect match for a tutor.

How often can I use tutoring services?

Every child is unique in terms of needs and learning styles. As such, some require extensive support, while others need lesser support. Generally, many kids work with a tutor two to three times per week.

Are there times when I should not hire a tutor for my child?

Schools don’t grade or test children during the early years of schooling. Teachers may look at how your child interacts with others, their concentration level, their ability to listen to a story, and whether or not they engage in play. Your child may not require tutoring if they are below six years old.

What should I look out for in a good tutor?

A good tutor should be a well-trained person with a minimum of a Bachelor of Education degree.
They should have a good reputation for working with kids.
They should provide age-appropriate content and deliver it correctly.
If your child has a special need, hire a tutor with special needs training and experience. Hire a tutor that is willing to partner with you in your child’s education.
Importantly, hire a tutor with good communication skills.

When should I hire a tutor?

1. At the start of a school year
2. After a significant life transition or transfer to a new school.
3. When your child struggles with common subject subjects like English, French German, Physics, Science, and Mathematics.
5.  Prepare for graduation, such as the high school diploma and IB Diploma.
6. To improve academic performance.
7. To keep your child on track after poor exam results.
8. After a significant family setback or bout of illness.
9. In case of a diagnosis or suspected disability.

Does your child require the help of a tutor?

 We can help! At Kids on the Yard, we offer a top-notch, flawless experience since our tutors have the credentials, specific performance, and values that align with your child’s needs. We base our tutoring services on research, critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, perseverance, leadership, communication, collaboration, global awareness, personal well-being, and Information Technology.

You don’t have to look anywhere else; we have the best solutions for children of all ages and of varying strengths.

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