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Top 6 Positive Impacts of Summer Tutoring

Top 6 Positive Impacts Of Summer Tutoring

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Many students consider summer break a time to enjoy and break from academic responsibilities. However, while summer is mainly associated with fun, as it should be, it is also an excellent time to prepare for the academic school year ahead.

Research states that students lose about two months’ worth of academic knowledge if they don’t engage in intellectual pursuits during summer. This amounts to about 30% of the incremental progress made during the previous school year.

This learning loss is often called the “summer slide .” Besides affecting the already gained critical skills and concepts, the summer slide can impact students’ future academic success. Summer tutoring assists children in avoiding the learning loss challenge while away from the regular educational environment.

1. What is Summer Tutoring:

Summer tutoring, among other summer learning programs, can give your child an edge for the following academic year. They help students close any existing learning gaps and sometimes work on material for the next year. Teachers prepare students for fall by assisting them in retaining previously learned concepts and maintaining their intellectual abilities. In addition, they guide children through the material to ensure they don’t fall behind.

Research indicates that summer programs significantly positively impact students’ grades, especially in Reading and Math. The summer period also boosts the following year’s academic performance by helping students to build confidence, a significant determinant of success. Students with low self-esteem tend to perform poorly and may have difficulty focusing on their studies. Summertime is also an excellent time for students to learn new skills and celebrate their achievements without the extra pressure of grades.

2. Summer Tutoring Boosts Confidence:

“Confidence comes not from always being right, but from not fearing to be wrong.”

Peter McIntyre.

Summer tutoring is a phenomenal way to build happy, confident students. Tutoring lets your child build foundational knowledge and skills applicable in the fall and beyond. In addition, the learning sessions remind children that they can achieve anything they put their energy and time into.

Check with us how your child can gain Positive Impacts from Summer Tutoring.

A willingness and love for learning come when we believe in ourselves. Summer tutoring services provide students with more than academic success; they also help them boost their confidence and self-esteem. As your child’s grades improve, their enthusiasm and motivation for learning also grow. Additionally, students who continue learning during summer develop a sense of pride and accomplishment for every goal they achieve, which boosts their confidence.

3. It Makes Students Critical Thinkers:

The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks” 

– Christopher Hitchens.

Critical thinking is at the forefront of learning since it aids in reflection and understanding different points of view. This skill is essential as it helps children figure out the world around them based on observation and understanding.

Students who struggle with learning lack time to solve challenging problems. Whether through a tutor or camp, virtual summer learning can help them learn at their own pace and eventually solve their problems. In addition, the learning programs promote the growth of crucial problem-solving skills necessary for better academic performance.

Summer tutoring programs promote learners’ critical thinking skills, causing them to be excited and motivated learners. Such students reason clearly and use skillful assessing, analyzing, and reconstructing strategies to make decisions daily. Critical thinking skills will help your child be more self-guided and self-disciplined. It will also help them reason empathically and reasonably in the coming fall.

4. Promotes Intellectual Independence:

Intellectual independence, or IQ, is the ability to perform various mental activities or measure a person’s cognitive reasoning. The higher a person’s IQ, the better their ability to handle problems related to linguistic, numerical, and spatial skills.

Summer Tutoring programs allow students to learn independently, improving their intellectual independence. Prompting can be eliminated over time as learners continue to be independent. With intellectual independence, students develop skills to enhance their knowledge and retain information. This benefits them in fall and future endeavors since they can learn and solve problems independently without constant help or direction from a tutor.

5. Improves Learning of Children with Disabilities:

Many children with learning difficulties or disabilities are less likely to advocate for their needs or ask questions in class. They are also less likely to share their struggles and concerns with their parents. However, virtual tutors help them understand and learn better by taking the time to teach them complex subjects or concepts through individualized teaching methods.

The summer learning programs help students with disabilities be confident to talk about their needs and feel comfortable asking questions openly. Applying individual instruction to address every child’s needs promotes their success and progress in school.

6. Improves Children’s Technology Skills:

It’s not that we use technology; we live technology.

Godfrey Reggio 

No doubt, your child is growing up at a time when the world is run by technology. They have grown surrounded by screens, with many homes having multiple phones, television sets, tablets, computers, and other digital gadgets. Most children spend considerable time watching television, surfing the internet, using social media, or playing video games. Some children own phones and tablets from a very young age.

The good news is that technology provides many learning opportunities to children of all ages. Virtual tutoring services can allow your child to learn and practice digital skills during the summer. Besides being firmly focused on the topics they know from tutoring platforms, children and teens also improve their digital skills. The technology skills during summer learning are applicable in a regular class setting, in higher education, and outside school.

How Summer Tutoring Positively Impacts a Student’s Learning in the Fall.


Are Kids on the Yard tutors trained, teachers?

Yes! All our tutors are State Certified Educators with 10-plus years of experience trained to teach online. Our teachers and tutors have real-life classroom experiences here at Kids on the Yard. Our Teachers are HAND-PICKED by our Expert Educational Team and provide support at every step. Learn more about the team behind the teacher.

Is online tutoring effective vs. In-Person?

Both offer quality experiences, but online tutoring is most effective because of the Team Work made possible. It’s also most affected and conducted one-on-one.

Effective tutoring focuses on an individual learner’s style and learning pace. Notably, the goal of any online educator is to create a learning space that brings learning to life so much so they don’t feel it’s online. Therefore, children literally experience the same effect as in-person.

**Children who need help with fine motor skills would benefit from OT support alongside and before tutoring sessions begin.

How do I select the best online tutor for my child?

Selecting the right tutor for your child can feel like a guessing game for most families. However, a good tutor can build a confidence-building rapport with students and their parents and provide outstanding learning solutions.

Choosing an individual tutor from 3rd party marketplace may be less of a hustle, but you will not know their abilities and efficiency until they have had several sessions with your child. Therefore, choosing a tutoring company over an individual tutor is best to ensure a phenomenal experience, great results, high quality, and excellent service.

Kids on the Yard tutors approach the Whole child—building rapport, confidence-boosting, and mastering academic skills to build learners that thrive as students.

How do you choose a good tutoring company?

·         Check out the Academic experiences and credentials of their teacher.
·         Determine their warmth, affection, and commitment toward students’ excellence.
·         Find out the rigorous process of hiring tutors in the tutoring company of your choice.
·         Understand the mission statement and value of the Company before enrolling your child in personal tutoring
·         Determine the affordability of the Company.
·         How long the tutoring company has been in the market, what is its reliability, and its credentials
·         Determine if the services provided by the Company meet your learner’s expectations.
·         Determine if the Company utilizes practical tech tools that align with your child’s grade and needs.
·         Determine the steps that the Company has taken to sustain quality.

Why are qualified teachers the best tutors for your child?

·         Teachers have excellent communication skills acquired from training students with different characters and thinking approaches.
·         Teachers are adaptable. Their adaptability is vital in tutoring programs since learners’ needs and learning styles vary greatly. 
·         Teachers are patient. They learn patience in their careers since they deal with students, parents, and colleagues daily. 
·         They are experts. Most teachers improve their teaching knowledge by advancing their studies in colleges or regular workshops.
·         Teachers are empathetic. Empathetic tutors connect and work with students regardless of the challenges involved.

About Kids on the Yard!

Kids on the Yard Company is a US-based tutoring company offering at-home, online, and in-person tutoring services. Our tutors have credentialed teachers with many years of experience in and out of the classroom.

Our programs are designed and tailored to each of our family’s personal, and educational setups.

What Type of Tutoring Services Do Kids on the Yard Offer?

We offer personalized tutoring services both in-person and virtually. Our tutoring services are perfect for kids struggling with scores and confidence or who have slipped. Kids on the Yard Online programs are designed to close learning gaps and provide the “Best online tutoring for Kids .” Successful Tutors build strong, personal relationships with their students and their families. Our Teachers are HAND-PICKED by our Education Team, providing support each step of the way.

Final Thought:

While students may spend the entire summer holiday away from school, that does not mean they get recharged for learning in the fall. Studies show too much time away from school and lack of engagement in learning cause students to lose up to 30% of their previous learning. So, rather than getting recharged for the fall class, a lack of knowledge causes students to lag and perform poorly after summer. However, a few hours of weekly learning can keep your child’s brain alert.

Enrolling your child in one of our summer learning programs shall help maintain their learning momentum and prepare them for the fall.

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