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schoolchildren coming back to school after holidays
Summer Break

How to Create a Simple Back-to-School Routine

Children get happy that they will see their friends again, share summer break stories and catch up on the latest adventure. But on the other hand, going back to school means doing homework, getting back to formal studies, no longer sleeping in, and waking up early.
Going back to school means getting back into a routine!

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18 Fun Things to Do with Your Kids Before School Starts
Summer Break

Fun Things to Do with Your Kids Before School Starts

We strongly believe in improving classroom and extracurricular activities at Kids on the Yard. We believe that life happens in the yard and the classroom! We are determined to evolve children’s growth in all aspects of their lives. The time to put away sunscreen and water wings for backpacks and pencil cases is almost here! Good news! Our kids still have time to do a few more fun summer activities before returning to school!

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