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How to Create an Elementary School Memory Book from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Did you capture their happiest or proudest moment in school?, sweet memories

How to Create an Elementary School Memory Book

Do you remember the mixed reactions you had as your child joined kindergarten? How about their responses on their first day in school? Did you capture their happiest or proudest moment in school? If you don’t pause for a while, record these memories and become organized, these days will slip by, and you will forget them. FROM Kindergarten to 5th grade.

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Mother’s Day 2022, Happy Mother's Day, Greeting Card

Mother’s Day 2022

There is no friend or supporter like a mother. Mothers do more than raise children; they determine a child’s attitude and upbringing. Your mom contributed so much to the person you are today. Interestingly, a child remains a mother’s baby even at 60. Whether you are a thinker, leader, priest, philosopher, or tycoon, you will always be your mother’s baby!

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Father and son, 7 Tips to Help Your Child ‘Reset’ After A Bad Day, How can I help my child bounce back?, 7 Quick Tips to Help Your Child Reset From Stress, How to Reset When Things Get Out of Whack at Home, Helping Kids Reset After a Bad Day, How to teach a child to reset after a bad day
Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

How to Help a child Reset After a Bad Day

How to help a child RESET After a Bad Day OR How can I help my kid bounce back?
When a bad day hits, it hits indeed! Like adults, kids also experience bad days, and they are never shy to show! It is highly likely that you have had some days when everything is flowing just fine for your day, only for your child to step through the door all worked up, frustrated, angry,  and with no trace of calmness. At that moment, most parents want to fix the problem right away.

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It may feel overwhelming but show acceptance. Angry children fighting over their shocked parents. How to Help a Child Deal with Emotional Outbursts or Navigating Emotional Outbursts part two
Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Navigating Emotional Outbursts – Part 2

Emotional outbursts can make life difficult both for you and your kid. In Part one of this article, we learned about the causes of emotional outbursts and how you can cope with your child’s outbursts. In this article, we shall learn how to help your child regulate and control their emotions.

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