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8 Fun Activities to Improve Your Child’s Spelling Skills

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Learning spelling skills through fun activities is a game-changer for struggling spellers!

Boy spelling words using a puzzle game
Boy spelling words using a puzzle game

Use the following fun activities to help your child improve their spelling skills.

Rhymes and Raps

One of the best ways to ensure that your child learns more spelling skills is to engage them beyond the classroom. Your child may learn and understand words better when integrated using raps and rhymes.   Fun raps or rhymes that incorporate spelling can boost memory, just like people remember catchy tunes heard on the radio. In addition, students associate readily with rhyming works; the addition of raps adds more interaction with words causing them to hum them both in class and outside.

Spelling Memory Game

Begin by creating flashcards that have a single word per card. These words can be your creation, or you can borrow them from your child’s list. Then, as your child picks a card, read the word aloud, and recite every letter in the word.  Afterward, ask them to place the card upside down and write the same work on a different piece of paper. By so doing, they will boost their memory recall and become better at spelling.


Crosswords are an excellent platform to learn spelling in a fun way. Crossword is solved through applying valuable skills such as reasoning, vocabulary, and spelling, and it also leads kids to learn more about word definitions. Filling in the blanks on the word puzzle also gives kids a sense of accomplishment and boosts their confidence and love for learning.

Jumble Word

In this activity, you use magnetic letter shapes to help your child learn to spell. First, spell out a word using the letters them scramble them into a pile before asking your child to assemble them and create the word again.  You can also ask them to create different words from a large letter pile.

Encourage Spelling Through Arts and Crafts.

Many students, primarily auditory, kinesthetic, and visual learners, learn better through creativity. For example, rather than using plain pencils and pens to learn to spell, you can use markers, paints, and crayons to spell words, among other creative implements. This learning form can be fun for younger learners, especially when different colors are involved.

Sound it Out!

Mention out a word to your child, and ask them to repeat it loudly to you before writing down what they hard.  Use words that are spelled just as they are mentioned for younger learners and more complex terms for older kids to improve their learning. This activity helps learners identify phonetic patterns in words and makes it easy to spell diverse words using these patterns.

Use Scrabble Tiles

There are varying ways you can use scrabble tiles to teach your child spelling skills. Among the options include:

  • Ask your child to arrange the tiles in alphabetical order.
  • Ask your child to select vowel tiles alone.
  • As your child to spell out words using the tiles.
  • Have your child form simple sentences.

Go Digital

You can use your computer to teach your child spelling.  For example, you can help your child correct their spelling mistakes through online tools such as Grammarly. You can also use words games on the digital platform to teach your child to understand spelling.

Why are spelling skills critical?

Spelling skills are essential for various reasons. It is a critical component of communication and develops the literacy of children. There are other reasons why improving spelling skills is crucial, including reading and writing. These skills support children in achieving progressing and performing better in various grades. Spelling skills are necessary for your child’s learning and impact their future career.

Take Away:

Every learner needs to improve their spelling skills, which translates to better reading and writing skills.  You can integrate these activities with other learning strategies to enhance your child’s spelling practice and general performance. 

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